come buy my nettletops

so i’ve been wearing less makeup lately. i wish i could say it’s because i hate how so many products have such toxic stuff in them, but…that’s not really why. i think i just want to focus more on having good skin and not have to worry about things like my eyeliner smudging at the pool or my eyes stinging every time i use makeup remover. or maybe i’m just lazy and hate getting ready in the morning…anyway, in other totally unrelated news, we went to legoland last week! we had SO much fun. sky was so into building (and buying!) the actual lego stuff, while shark was king of the rides.the new water park they have there is just awesome for kids.
the boys slid over and over and over. and over….and over….and over… a boy and his hero.
my kids are weird.
hmm…i seem to remember this from last time
(pants is sooo thrilled to be on this ride!)


2 thoughts on “come buy my nettletops

  1. it's crazy how much older sharkey looks! and yes – pants looks like he is having a good old time. I don't think the water park was there when we went. glad you got to go! good times : )


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