wink me

on a random note…what should i do with my hair now that it’s growing out again? i know, the same old question i always have. it’s somewhat cute when i take the time to blowdry (blowfry?) and straighten in, but realistically i just don’t have the time to do that every day. not to mention it would kill my hair. i try to embrace wearing it curly…but i just hate it like that. so i’ve been wearing it up a lot. i did cut my bangs a little shorter this weekend (accidentally a little too short, but they will grow out quickly) since i look better with something covering my forehead, but i just don’t know what to do with the rest of it. buzz cut?

here’s a look at my bag, baby. i don’t know why i took this picture. peeking out the top are those pre-cut organic apples from trader joe’s that sky is in love with lately. and is my plastic water bottle still gonna kill me if it’s BPA-free? i would love to be more enviro-friendly, but it’s really hard to get rid of all plastic when you have an active 4-year-old banging everything around. we’re working on it.

i took the kids for a mini-train ride this weekend, while pants was working. did i mention he had to spend father’s day at the office? poor guy.

and this little stuffed gang seems to be popping up everywhere in all sorts of places. i even found them in my bed the other morning when i woke up…hmm…


3 thoughts on “wink me

  1. your hair looks great as is! leave it. I am embracing my natural 'flip' right now. the straightener has been put away! the back of the boys heads are so cute. so cute.

    we still have our fair share of plastic around here.


  2. You're so pretty, I like your hair the way you have it!

    The animals are adorable. Rachel used to do that all the time. She'd prop up a book and set up stuffed animals to be reading it. Sooo cute!
    Emma likes to hide them in the hamper and they end up getting washed which is a good thing. :)


  3. well, my hair does look ok in that picture, but in real life it's a hot mess, trust me :) i am so sick of wearing it up…i think a chip chop may be in order…


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