is that twister bagless?

things i’m loving…

changing my hair from red to black (again)
i really want to grow it long, so i thought i’d dye it darker to be closer to my natural color, so i don’t have to deal with roots or too much upkeep for the summertime. we’ll see how long it lasts!
fun outings with the boys
food, glorious food
i have been loving my time in the kitchen lately (not to mention loving the new healthy food market that just opened up near us that has great-priced local organic meat and produce!), and i’ve got some yummy recipes coming up!
getting rid of stressors
i am done working at kohls, we just finished our last meeting of cub scouts, and school volunteering is almost over for the year. can you say RELIEF! i am also making a huge effort to ‘let go’ of trying to keep my house perfect – starting with this cabinet. for five years it has looked like this: yes, it’s a sickness. everything must be lined up. perfectly. just ask pants. and most of my cabinets look like that. i am trying to lighten up, and am actually ok with that cabinet now looking like this: (baby steps!)
living like i’m on vacation
(hey, i earned this ice cream cone! shark and i deserved a little treat after a 2-hour hike the other day.)
these 2 books
joie de vivre was a recommendation from dmoms, and i LOVE this book. i read it and was like, ok, that’s it! we’re moving to france! it’s a great book about living a meaningful, simple life. HIGHLY recommend it.
pants has been a bill bryson fan for awhile now, and a walk in the woods is a funny tale about the author’s experience hiking the appalachian trail. it’s a great poolside read!

4 thoughts on “is that twister bagless?

  1. OOH!! I needed a book recommendation for the beginning of summer! I have already read Walk in the Woods and loved it. Actually, one of my goals in life was to walk a small piece of the AT! Soooo, for my 40th b-day, B and the kids took me to TN and we walked a (very)small portion of the AT. I love trails!
    Enjoy summer, girl. Let your cabinets go, get sand on your floors and paint your toes different colors. Eat icecream for lunch and squeeze those adorable little boys. :)


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