ten million fireflies lit up the world as i fell asleep

things i’m loving…

a simple egg on a toasted bun (pants’ favorite breakfast)
whole kernel cornbread kicked up with quesa fresco and cheddar cheese (i served this with homemade chicken tortilla soup)
angel food cupcakes topped with whipped frosting and strawberries

ps – sky has been making stop-motion movies out of legos, and they are AMAZING. i don’t even know how he knows how to do this stuff, honestly. he is excited cuz we just signed him up for a lego stop-motion day camp in august where they get to have their stuff filmed with professional equipment!

books have a habit of changing my life. most recently there was joie de vivre, which i know i keep going on about, but that book has somehow given me the freedom to embrace the way i always thought about food. like, yeah, it’s okay to eat good food. and to cook for pure pleasure. and drink a bowl of coffee for breakfast. and now there’s nigella. how to eat, specifically. yes, she has been around for ages and i used to watch her sultry shows back in the day, but i haven’t ever picked up this first book of hers till now. i love her because she’s just so totally satisfied to eat for pleasure and to feed people, which really speaks to me. not to mention she’s damn hot. anyway, i’m just really learning about what it truly means to feed the soul, including ways beyond the kitchen, and it’s pretty cool.


3 thoughts on “ten million fireflies lit up the world as i fell asleep

  1. We always miss you when you don't post for awhile! I check on you every day and the boys love to see pics of your boys. :) I understand the Lego obsession — Ben is turning 10 and wants a Lego themed party. I think if we cracked him open we'd find that he is actually made of Legos and just covered in the disguise of a boy!


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