i’m in an awful pickle. i’m the king.

here are a few random shots from easter. it was a fun day with the boys, except that pants was gone with church for most of it, and oh, a 7.2 earthquake happened right after the egg hunt. yikes! i am now living in a constant state of irrational fear that that was just a warm-up, and socal will soon be falling into the ocean at any given moment. hmm…maybe i just need another one of these:oh well, at least i had a cute flower in my hair. (could it have killed me to put on a little eye makeup? geez.)
our little basket-toting terror on two wheels was all ready for the neighborhood egg hunt.and this is pretty much how the shark ends every major holiday:


3 thoughts on “i’m in an awful pickle. i’m the king.

  1. i love it when you include a picture of you. you are so pretty and have style! that is something we don't have here in seattle – unless you count socks with sandals.


  2. dmoms…I'm sorry I don't know you but socks w/sandals is def not style. :) ha ha! at least that's what I try to tell my husband!

    Amy, that's so cool your neighborhood does an egg hunt! very cool! :)


  3. Amy, I sooo look forward to these updates!! You are definitely gifted with creativity and God uses that to impact lives and encourage!! Just saying :-)


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