hello richard. it’s good to see you out of those chains.

my folks just left after being here all week…wah! we are really gonna miss them. we had so much fun while they were here, ate lots of yummy food, and the weather was just tops. sharkey and my dad were best buds…although i am still in the process of growing my hair longer, i ran out today and got a much, MUCH needed haircut! i have been wearing hats for like, 2 weeks straight, and not by choice! the prob was that i dyed my dark hair back to red, but did a lot of damage to my hair while doing so. here’s my new sleek do with the icky dried-out ends chopped off: on an unrelated note, almost-four must be the magical age, because (knock on wood!) this freckled cat has turned into such a sweet spirit lately. it’s been a really nice week!


4 thoughts on “hello richard. it’s good to see you out of those chains.

  1. oh, your dad looks like he is having a ball with the kids. i bet the boys are missing them all ready.

    love the new hair cut. i am scheduled next week. are bangs in because i was thinking about bangs and some layers.

    gorgeous photos.


  2. i think bangs are always in. i am trying to grow mine out so they lay to the side more. you could get a long layered bang – that would be cool.


  3. glad you had fun, I LOVE the hair!!!

    glad shark is turning a happy leaf too :)

    Kobe went thru the terrible twos from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 so 4 yr old was a awesome turning point for us too :)


  4. Love the flower photos!! Sure do miss seeing those as we are still covered in snow here. I could just squeeze Sharkey, his freckles are adorable!


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