a lick and a promise

(gluten-free pancakes with butter, coconut oil, handmade peanut butter, bananas, and maple syrup on top. terrible picture, I know.  but YUM.)

i am really starting to up the dietary ante around this place. i have been reading lots of sites like cheeseslave, naturally knocked up, and archives of this old magazine, to name a few. i definitely don’t agree with everything weston price says, but there are some good principles there, and i do respect sally fallon. so it’s making me think, at least. and reconfigure where and on what i spend my grocery money. here are a few changes we’ve made so far…

buying better quality fats. like butter from grass-fed cows. (kerrygold, anyone?) raw butter would be even better, but i’m not there yet. oh, and coconut oil is some good stuff. i basically use it on/in anything i would use butter with, including popcorn, baking, etc. here’s an interesting aside – adding more good fat into my diet has actually helped me lose some weight, i think. like, without even really trying. i think eating more (good) fats are just more satisfying, so i don’t get as much of an urge to eat some empty-carb-sugar-thing to fill me up.

i started buying higher quality meats. like, not from the regular grocery store anymore. i would love to buy directly from a farm, but there isn’t a farm close enough to do that at the moment, so i’m sticking to the health market down the street where i know all the meat is local and hormone/antibiotic free. oh, and i also try to get lunch meat and bacon that is nitrate-free. trader joe’s has a good applewood smoked bacon that i looove.

the kids are drinking raw milk. i really have seen an improvement in sky’s overall health since giving him this. (well, minus the stomach flu from last week.) and the kids don’t notice a difference in taste at all. again, i wish we had a farm close by so i could get it direct, since it costs like, a million dollars and pants won’t stop complaining about it, but it’s still totally worth it.

lots and lots of produce. i usually just buy a bunch of random fruit and vegetables that look good (i try to get mostly in-season), then experiment when i get home. and if we aren’t really thrilled with the taste of something, i just throw it in a soup. i’m going to start making green smoothies again, too…i’ll let you know how that goes.

ok, this is a start at least! we still eat lots of normal stuff, too, although i’m trying to phase that out, much to pants’ chagrin. there’s sooo much more that i am still learning about (sprouting, fermenting, what the heck phylates are, making my own yogurt, etc.), so i’ll keep adding to this list.

(kale, red pepper, onion, and fresh sausage soup)

6 thoughts on “a lick and a promise

  1. That looks like what we had for bfast! too funny! i made a banana syrup (1 whole banana w/ 1/3 c. maple syrup). Is that what yours is?


  2. Well, you know how *I* feel about all that! And I'm so excited that raw milk seems to be making a difference for you guys. I HATE the cost, but so worth it. It's cheaper if you buy in bulk, but I don't know how I feel about freezing it.

    I've been seriously thinking about the gluten free thing. Neither of us has any outright problems, that I know if, because of gluten, but I've read so many good reasons to be gluten free or at least cut back. (Admittedly, losing pregnancy weight is one of them!) But my husband has a finicky stomach and I wonder if going gluten free might help…


  3. nikki, i think cutting back on gluten will definitely help. or even just cutting back on grains in general or going to sprouted ones…that might make his stomach feel better. do you do raw dairy everything, or just the milk?


  4. great job! I have so much to learn to in regards to eating this way. If i remember correctly, the reason you soak grains, etc. is to reduce the pylates to make the grains easier to digest. I just don't know if I could start doing all that though…

    my kids are mad at me right now because i won't buy them regular syrup because of the HFCS. i keep trying to different syrups but still not no avail. and, i am only buying kerrygold now at tj's.

    okay, shoulder feeling a little better. my neighbor was shocked on how open my shoulder is. she deals with muscle bound athletes not muscleless yogis like me : )


  5. you little yogi, you. glad your shoulder is getting better! that can be so painful! :( you are lucky your neighbor could help you. get some 'icy/hot' pronto!

    do your kids not like maple syrup? what is wrong with them?! just kidding :) you could always just boil some brown sugar w/a little water and vanilla on the stovetop – i've done that in a pinch and it's yummy.


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