ruprick, leave the cork on the fork

these two lefties have been drawing it up around here the past few days.
and of course sky got into the action with some indiana jones and mutt pics:


10 thoughts on “ruprick, leave the cork on the fork

  1. do I see a sewing book by your bed? please, do tell! and, I saw that idea with the dental floss somewhere as well. I love your place. always looks so cozy.


  2. I love your frequent posts this new year! The pictures make me feel like there aren't so many miles between us! What is Pants drawing here??


  3. dmoms, i am on a hiatus from sewing right now…hence why the book is by my bed and not near my sewing machine :)
    christine, andypants was working on a hand drawing for work :)


  4. and btw- that quote in your title is from one of the funniest movies EVER!! makes me laff to think about it.


  5. t, yeah, pants is a designer for a land planning office. and we have been dirty rotten scoundrel fans since back in the day!! so funny :)


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