countless screaming argonauts

so pants did it again. once again handcrafted something super cool and useful. he actually made this like, a month ago, but since i’m a bad wife, i haven’t had a chance to blog about it till now. anywho, this is what he made:
it’s…a lego sorter! kind of like this, but waaay more awesome. and it works! all of sky’s legos are now sorted by size and living in big shallow bins that are easy for the kids to paw through. (btw, we have A LOT of legos – the bins i use are each 34″x16″, and we have about 9 of them!)

being the smartypants he is, of course he made the sorter so it fits perfectly under sky’s lego table:apparently there were lots of calculations pants had to do in figuring out how to make this least he had his trusty helmeted helper.
i still don’t know exactly how he constructed this thing, even though he told me like, 5 times. but there are four levels that have holes in them, and each set of holes gets gradually smaller, so the big legos stay on top and the smaller legos funnel through to the bottom. and then you can open an individual door on the side to get just one size lego out. does that make sense?


7 thoughts on “countless screaming argonauts

  1. love the Detroit shirt. And, have I told you yet that Pant's is amazing. Really. That design is so awesome. I bet Sky loves it.


  2. Just came across your blog today and love the Leggo thing!! So cool and looks so much more sturdy than the plastic thing. Has your husband thought of selling them??


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