the eve

just got back from picking up some last-minute things…off to do a quick cleanup before putting out some fresh sourdough bread, aged sausage, and assorted cheeses for dinner (thank you trader joe’s!)…probably have a nice latte or a fun drink and some popcorn and chocolate orange slices later on…can’t wait till the kids are asleep to put their gifties under the tree! ps – this was just too cute…sharkey has been in love with this one particular little tiny Bible for the last 2 days. i took this picture in the car at a stoplight with my phone (hence the bad quality) – he said he was ‘reading’ about God, and he was like, poring over the pages (which are just words, no pictures). too much!

2 thoughts on “the eve

  1. your mom is going to love that last picture. your evening sounds so relaxing. we are back from my mom-in-laws. time to go to bed. hope your day tomorrow is so much fun.


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