i don’t want to sleep on the hide-a-bed with fuller.

our sweet pal mikey just left yesterday after staying with us for over half the week, and i miss him already. wah! we always have such a great time with him, and the boys LOVED having him around. sharkey in particular was a little obsessed with him. one time i dared to mention michael’s (actual) nephews, and sharkey goes, ‘but WE are mikey’s boys!’ sooo cute.

perhaps what really won their hearts was when michael gave the kids an early Christmas gift of oh, only just ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY star wars action figures that he had been collecting since he was 15 years old. each still in their individual original package. oh my.

sky says he doubts any other Christmas gift we get him will be as cool as this one, and these little guys seem to have taken up permanent residence on the dining room table. i’m partial to the specialty guys, myself.and the food we made! talk about yummy times. mikey and i cooked up a Christmas feast both friday and saturday nights, and i have lots of recipes i will post soon!

apple tart (made with dmoms pie crust recipe!)
mikey’s famous scotch eggs w/hollandaise sauce
the beginnings of our apricot/cherry/pomegranate chutneymikey cookin’ up some chicken in bacon drippings yummy cocktails
we also baked and decorated Christmas cookies one afternoon.sky was really into blue frosting.
the rest of our time was spent listening to Christmas music, shopping a bit, and in general just hanging out. mostly on the couch in front of a holiday movie in a food-induced stupor. (that seems to happen a lot at our house.)

8 thoughts on “i don’t want to sleep on the hide-a-bed with fuller.

  1. it is about time that you blogged. I miss you when you are absent!! I would love to be at the next food feast. I like what you did with the crust. I'm going to make that next. wow, that is a lot of starwars figures. that may have freaked me out a bit. (like where the heck are all those going to go!)

    bench monday – i have seen on other blogs – it is a photo group on flickr – where I upload my photos. umm, it is pure silliness. but, i could not help but participate – i even added the photo (which josh took!) into the group. life is too short not too have fun! Amen!!!!!! now, pass me one of those drinks already : )


  2. i know i neglect this blog a lot…wish i felt more guilty about it :) just too much life happening and not enough free time to sit at the computer, unfortunately!
    i just looked up bench monday – so cute. that is fun that you added your photo! josh is getting good with the old cam :) and yes, we DO need to get together for feasts and drinks pronto! who knows…maybe i'll just show up in your neck of the woods sometime :)


  3. WOW!! Mikey is definately an awesome honorary uncle to hand down a set like that. wish he was my honorary uncle! that is special selflessness there. what a great guy. lucky boys. i'm coming to play !!


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