look, it’s the gentleman guppy

is it possible to be both an optimist and a cynic? most people would say i’m pretty upbeat, but those who live with me know i have a tendency to complain a bit too much about everyday hardships and am WAY to quick to judge others i disagree with.

i’m thinking i really want to change these wayward traits…hmm…maybe i just need to practice having more gratefulness. that’s at least a start, right?

this really hit me the other day when i saw sharkey’s eye go from totally gruesome to completely normal this past week. i am SO thankful he is ok. i was really scared for a couple of days (and nights!) there. i have sooo much to be thankful for, it’s almost embarrassing. God is really blessing us lately, despite the fact that i can barely squeak out a ‘hi’ to Him during most days. i’m really going to make more of an effort to change some of my habits that distract me from that.

anyway. the rest of this week has found me in the kitchen a lot…i really do love feeding people. (i’m LOVING this dressing, btw! use it on corn tortilla tacos or dip veggies in it…yum!)

Β alright. off to clean this place…while pants and sky were at church last night, i stayed home with the sleeping shark (he fell asleep EARLY at 6:30pm!), and took advantage of the quiet time to veg on the couch and watch some old early 90’s faves – waterworld and then last of the mohicans. can i just say i love native american men? i’ve always thought they were the most attractive men on the planet, for real. (just one more thing to be thankful for, ha!)

ps – here are some random shots for grandma of sky at the fire station with some kids from his scout troop!


5 thoughts on “look, it’s the gentleman guppy

  1. i'm glad pants' work has picked up, i guess we kinda had the same thing happen too, work slowed down a bit but God is good and we haven't noticed a change.


  2. man, you are fast – i JUST posted this like, a few minutes ago :)
    i'm glad things are still ok for you guys – i know in mich. for most people it's so much worse than other areas of the country. it's just hard when there is so much you want to do for the kids but can't just cuz of the $ :(


  3. So grateful with you for pants to have his hours back! God is soooo faithful!

    And will you still love me if I tell you I think Waterworld was the dumbest movie ever made and I despise cilantro? :) LOL!


  4. wendy, how dare you! :) just kidding. yeah, most people hate that movie, but for some reason pants and i both like it…dennis hopper cracks me up in it…

    and despising cilantro?! no amy's special guacamole for you, then!


  5. bring on the cilantro – I happen to love it. I will try that for sure.

    I'm glad you are a foodie – I have stolen many of your recipes : )

    Your awesome just the way you are. Hope tonight goes well.


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