popeye has left the building

as you can see, there is a HUGE improvement in sharkey’s eye today! it still probably won’t be completely healed for a few more days, but i think the infection is just about gone. i promise this is my last eye post…i know you are probably as sick of hearing about it as i am!


7 thoughts on “popeye has left the building

  1. Yay! He looks so much better. Kids heal so quickly, don't they?

    I'm sure you're pretty drained from the whole ordeal. I hope you get some extra rest this weekend. (:


  2. OMGosh…those eye posts hurt me. but I'm so glad for Sharkey, that he's getting better every day! he was handsome, even with an oogly eye!

    and happy for momma and daddio too. hard to deal when the littles are miserable.

    hugs hugs hugs from Indy.


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