popeye, part quattro

so here’s the latest in the saga of eyewatch ’09…

i put warm compresses on sharkey’s eye several times today, and got lots of icky pus to drain out. i think that plus the benadryl/antibiotic combo he’s taking have put him firmly on the road to recovery, and he can actually open his eye now! and he played outside the entire afternoon with the neighbor kids, happy as a clam, and i swear all that fresh air helped, too.

so here’s what he looks like right now:still gross, but WAY better! praise God!


6 thoughts on “popeye, part quattro

  1. that is so awesome! what a difference in 24 hours and he's so sweet. It'll be cleared up in no time. You're such a good mom sticking with those compresses and dealing with the grossness. (:


  2. becky, yeah, it was a bite. confirmed by a doc and several nurses. it was puffy on sunday but i didn't realize why, then full-blown by monday. it ended up being so bad cuz it got infected :(


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