popeye, part three

just a quick update…

late last night was spent putting warm compresses on sharkey’s eye for a long time, which resulted in lots of eye pus (ew, sorry!) coming out. this morning we did the compresses again, and some more pus and also a little bit of BLOOD came out. pants and i had to hold shark down to wipe all the ick out of his eye (let me tell you how fun THAT was!), but once we got it all cleaned out, his eyelid seemed to fade from a hot bulbous red: to a duller pink:it looks a lot less swelled, especially under the eye. there is still some pus in it and he can’t really open it yet, but i think we got a good amount of the infection out so far. i’m hoping the healing process is starting and that he will be a lot better by tonight. thanks so much for praying, you guys!!


6 thoughts on “popeye, part three

  1. all I can say is – poor little guy. He looks like he has been hit by a mac truck. But, he also looks incredibly sweet and innocent. Like what did I do to deserve this!


  2. i know :) it still looks worse than that second picture shows, but i have to say it made me feel sooo much better when all that icky stuff came out!
    he looks really pathetic :) but is still cheerful like normal! kids are so resilient!!


  3. All this from a spider bite…ugh.
    Glad it's looking better. Do you have any ointment or melaleuca oil or something to put on the lid? I suppose if it's itchy he might accidentally rub it into his eye, and my wouldn't that be fun…
    I'll hold any further advice and just pray for you! :)


  4. wendy, i did try to put some ointment on his lid yesterday when he was sleeping, but it was soooo sensitive to the touch that it woke him up and then i couldn't even get near it. i might try again later today since it's not hurting him so much anymore. don't worry, i appreciate any advice!! :)


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