popeye, part deux

is it just me, or is this thing looking worse? let’s hope tomorrow brings some relief! please pray for my poor little dude!


6 thoughts on “popeye, part deux

  1. I think it looks worse too! Perhaps take him to another doctor.

    I would be FREAKING out.

    I hope it is better tomorrow. Keep us posted.


  2. oh no. oh my. oh yes. it is much worse. is he okay? guess you've been pretty much home the last two days. hope it is better tomorrow.


  3. pants thinks today was the worst day cuz the antibiotic and benadryl hadn't quite kicked in yet, and that we'll start seeing a real difference tomorrow…we'll see in the morning.


  4. ps – and i AM freaking out. just ask pants :) and i'm scouring the internet at 12:51am looking for alternate solutions and have been sleeping with the shark RIGHT next to me the last few nights – i don't want to let him out of my sight! this thing better look a LOT better by morning, else it's right back to the docs ASAP!!


  5. I will definitely be praying for him (and you)and can completely understand your concern. I do think b/c it's on the eye, it's going to look really bad regardless.
    But definitely take him to the dr. if you feel you need to, just for some peace of mind!


  6. mb, ok, that actually made me feel better :) i think i am gonna do more warm compresses on it and see if the swelling will reduce…


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