this morning sharkey woke up with his right eye looking like this:swollen, red, and unable to open. i ran him to the docs when benadryl and warm compresses didn’t seem to help, and they told me it was an infected spider bite. on his EYE. (how in the world?!) i got some stronger meds for him and hopefully it will be all cleared up in a matter of days, and thank goodness it doesn’t affect his vision or hurt at all. the best part is that last week he got a sty in his other eye and is still recovering from that. poor kid!


6 thoughts on “popeye

  1. not yet, but it probably will be tomorrow :(
    it actually looks worse in person, if you can believe that. it is kinda funny when he's looking straight at me with his one good eye and looks like popeye, though…pants wants to put a pirate eye patch on him :)


  2. poor dear, those bites are nasty! I got a spider bite at camp one summer on my foot, the first night we were there. My foot got so swollen I could only wear sneakers and not lace them.
    Rachel got one of those on her arm over the summer, also during the night. What in the world?
    Mine was never itchy though if that's any consolation.


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