it’s hard to understand you when you’re drowning.

so yesterday i turned 34!  and I tried something new last week – the oil cleansing method. you’ve probably heard of it – it’s a way of cleansing your face just using a few natural oils. i think i tried it before a long time ago, but never stuck with it because i thought it was too time-consuming or something. and then i was on a honey kick for a long time. but i decided to give the oils one more try…first, it’s not time-consuming at all – it’s the same amount of time as washing my face takes. and it works! it takes off all makeup (although i do use something separate for my eyes if i have a lot of liner or mascara on), and deep-cleans your pores. using oils also gives a ton of added moisture to your skin.  especially mine, which is always super dry.

and i have to say that i like the way my skin is looking – it has a healthier ‘glow’ to it, and i feel like it’s helped my face to look smoother and less ruddy (i used to have reddish patches on my cheeks/nose sometimes). my pores seem a bit smaller and the little blemish spots i sometimes have on my chin area seem to be fading. my skin definitely has a long ways to go, but i do feel this method is really working for me so far…hopefully in a few weeks i can do some comparison shots.

here’s the lowdown...
all you need are 2 oils – castor oil (which you can get at any store in the pharmacy section for under $2) and another oil, like olive or sunflower. i have heard that sunflower oil is the best to use, but i was too lazy to go out and get some so i am just using olive oil. the castor oil is the real cleansing agent, and helps clean deep down in the pores. the ratio you use is important, though – you don’t want to use too much castor oil. since i have dry skin, i use about 10percent castor oil to 90percent olive oil (i just eyeballed it). (the link above has the specific percentages for other skin types.) you can put it in a cute little jar or whatever, and just keep it in your bathroom.

step 1 – at night before bed, i pour about a quarter-sized amount in my palm, and slowly massage it on my face, focusing on my problem areas. the website says you’re supposed to take a few minutes with this and focus on being calm and blah blah blah, but i ignore all that and just gently rub it on my face for about 30 seconds.

step 2 – grab a washcloth (i prefer baby washcloths because they are SO much softer!) and run it under hot-ish water till it’s pretty warm. ring it out and lay it on your face. you want the water to be hot enough that it will steam your pores open, but not hurt your skin. you can gently press it on your chin, nose, etc. once it’s cooled off (like, 10 seconds later), run it under hot water again and press it on your face again. i do this 2-3 times, then after the last time i rub (but not scrub!) the oil/dirt/makeup off my skin. it all comes right off, and you will be left with very clean, soft-feeling skin!

step 3 – moisturize! after cleansing, i take 2 fingertips and dip them in my original oil blend, then dab/rub it on my face. you can add a tiny bit more if needed. but just a few dabs do the trick for me – too much just makes me look oily and smell like olive oil all day.

and that’s it! it takes like, 2 minutes, tops, and if you do this method at night, then there is no need to also cleanse your face in the morning – just going over your face with a warm, wet washcloth in the shower will suffice. i will say that sometimes your skin can get worse for a little while when trying this method…sometimes the oils can draw up impurities that have been clogging your pores and bring them to the surface. that adjustment process shouldn’t last long, though. and the more water you drink, the more it will help your skin get healthy faster! try it!


8 thoughts on “it’s hard to understand you when you’re drowning.

  1. i'm convinced. for the last couple of months I have been washing with just water and using that Vitamin E oil from Trader Joes afterwards. Yet, I want to try this. btw, your hair looks really good as does your skin. I'm anxiously waiting to get my hair cut next Tuesday. there is going to be change!


  2. Nice! A friend of mine had run out of undereye cream, so she dabbed a little olive oil under her eyes one night, until she got more of the store bought stuff, and she said she was AMAZED at how good her eyes looked the next day.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yay for 34!! You look maaaaaaaah-velous!


  3. thanks girlies :)
    dmoms – you know i am all about changing it up! i'm excited you are going to get a new cut…it always feels good to change up your style! maybe i'll try some vit. E oil for added moisturizing…
    nikki – olive oil is so awesome, isn't it! it's like one of nature's top super powers :)


  4. saw some info on TV from a dermatologist saying that safflower oil has much less odour than olive oil! sounds great…gonna try this! but like you i will most likely use olive oil. got a BIG JUG in the kitchen!


  5. First, happy birthday pretty lady!
    Thanks for sharing this b/c I'm definitely trying this. I think we have some skin issues and this sounds perfect for me. I especially like the concept of essentially hot steam covering your face to cleanse and open up the pores. Plus it just sounds like it feels good!

    Oh and I really like your hair color and cut. You look spunky. (:


  6. I can't wait to try some of your ideas. I got tired of using store bought products a long time ago, but haven't found anything to try. I am giving this a try this week. Thanks!


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