it’s a lot like driving a mo-ped…it’s fun till somebody sees you.

this weekend was such a mix of fun and frustration…a typical weekend, i guess! friday was hectic but a good time, somehow ending up with 3 of sky’s friends unexpectedly staying over for dinner. after the boys left, pants pulled out the Christmas decorations…yes, i know we are TOTAL early birds with the holidays around here! although honestly, i think i’m still trying to recover from halloween. but it was cute to see the kids so excited.

sharkey loved helping hang the ornaments…right on the *verytip* of each branch.he also enjoyed decorating his little tree all by himself:
um yeah, those are our fireplace stockings they’re wearing on their feet.
i definitely need more Christmas-ness for the mantle…i’m still working on it.and…pants made us a beautiftul headboard! he said it only cost him $10 for the wood, and it was done in a day. geez, what can’t this guy do?i will say, though, that there were many times this weekend that left me a little puzzled. like here:
and here:
and here:and, um, here:

my family’s weird. the rest of the weekend was spent making some good eats, making some not-so-good eats, cleaning, grocery shopping, snapping at pants (24-7 sick kid childcare makes me cranky and exhausted!), watching dirty jobs, laughing at funny things sky says, weighing the merits of p90x, falling asleep with my jeans on, pants leading worship at church, and combing google to see if dinosaurs still exist today. (ps. i think they do!)  whew!


6 thoughts on “it’s a lot like driving a mo-ped…it’s fun till somebody sees you.

  1. First of all, your title itself totally cracked me up.

    But Christmas, seriously? What about Thanksgiving?! :)

    Love the new headboard. I'm tempted to fly you guys up here on our tab with the understanding that pants will complete a myriad of building projects for me within the allotted time frame. On your mark, get set, go, pants, go!!!

    Okay, I really need to get some sleep.


  2. okay, we LOVE dirty jobs. LOVE. Mike is awesome. and, it is like Christmas in July at your house! Wow, talk about getting in the spirit early. Good for you though. PBX90 is really hard. Some guys at old work signed up for it and it kicked their booties. Joe watched the infomercial once and was interested. I just get bored with doing videos. Um, we watched ICE AGE 3 over the weekend which has dinosaurs – even cute ones. I'm wondering now too.

    and, Pants – well – he's a keeper.


  3. wendy, now you are cracking me up :) for some reason, we never decorate for thanksgiving/fall – it's halloween and then straight to Christmas! pants LOVES having Christmas decorations up at thanksgiving…i know, weird :) but we like to fully enjoy the holiday season for more than just one month. we're Christmas crazies!!
    oh, and dmoms, i have a HUGE crush on mike rowe! :) i think pants and i are going to take the plunge and try p90x…we have a friend who will loan it to us to try…i don't love vids either, but at least it's something we can do together. and it will definitely kick my butt!!


  4. LOL!! Your family is delightfully weird, in all the right ways. ;)

    HA HA HA HA! I can't believe you decorated for Christmas already!!! Too funny. But ya know, I miss having a proper Christmas (soCal weather and all), that I think it might feel kinda nice to be surrounded by it already.


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