there is nothing ironic about show choir.

so here was the problem – we needed a new dining room table and chairs. ours was just a small table that was supposed to be temporary…5 years later, we were still using it. with the kids getting bigger, the 4 of us could barely all fit at it comfortably for dinner. and also? 3 out of the 4 chairs that had originally come with it have broken in the last few months. so, yeah. we were needing a new dining set.

my suggestion was a nice quality table that we love and can make family memories at for the next 20 years – like a big rustic 8-10 seater. pants’ suggestion was a cardboard box, since apparently he couldn’t care less about family memories and was only looking at the bottom line. so we were kind of at a standstill for awhile. i’d been trying to thrift/craigslist one, but no dice. the one i really loved and could envision serving family Christmas dinners on for years to come was from world market, and was $1000-ish for the table, 2 benches (i LOVE dining benches and have always wanted them for the kids), and chairs. i thought it was actually a good deal, considering the quality of the pieces. but pants was like…no, seriously, i have a box out in the garage…

so after a few, um, discussions about it, pants went and looked at the world market table and actually ended up really liking it, too. he still did not like the price tag, however, and when he was looking the table over, he said, ‘you know, i could make this table and benches for $300 bucks out of wood from home depot.’ and i said, ‘yeah, but…will it LOOK like you made it out of $300 bucks of wood from home depot?’ he assured me it would not.

so we compromised. pants all of a sudden got super excited about building a big old table and 2 benches. i knew he would do a great job, since i love everything he makes. he actually made it over a weekend (which was good because that monday night we were having people over for dinner, so that was the deadline!), and yup, ended up spending just under $300 for wood from home depot. (btw, a HUGE thank you to my parents for not only listening to me whine incessantly about how i needed a new table, but for giving us our Christmas gift early so we could pay for it!)

and i gotta tell you. this table is freaking A-mazing! i have actually been parading all the neighbors in to see it – it’s SO beautiful! i love it even better than the world market table, and it’s EXACTLY what i wanted – big (8-10 seater), solid and rustic (the kids can knock it all up but it will still look great), and with 2 benches for either side. i am sooo excited about it, and i swear having such a nice big space for eating together/playing games/doing art projects/making holiday memories/etc. has seriously improved our quality of life! even pants now gets the significance that it’s more than ‘just a table’.

so i guess the moral of the story is that nagging and crying to get what you want actually works! thank you, pants!!as usual, sharkey was a big help.
(that’s our teeny old table in the background, btw. ugh. our new table is literally 2 and 1/2 times the size of the old one!)the stain was still drying in this photo (which is why they look kind of blotchy), but here are the 2 benches. they seat 3 large adults comfortably, or 4 kids. and i LOVE the reddish-brown color of the stain! pants hand-selected each piece to get just the right wood grain/knotty look we were going for.he made this cool leg detail on the benches and the table.
i love the finished edge he put on it.
pants also made the benches the perfect size to slide all the way under the table, if we ever need more room. now, just to get a rug…chairs for the ends…more curtains…


13 thoughts on “there is nothing ironic about show choir.

  1. oh my. that is one fabulous table. Okay, Pants is like really talented. It would take bd a year to make that. Oh, our table is my mom and dad's old table.


  2. wow. seriously, it's spectacular. pants has set a major precedence for himself!! that is just a GREAT family table. hurray for you!

    dmoms-our table is my mom and dad's old table too. (:


  3. That is freakin' GORGEOUS. And handmade is always better – now that table can be something to pass on to the boys and they'll always have memories of Christmas dinners at the table that their Dad made!


  4. i'll pass along the compliments to pants :) it really is a great-looking table…pix don't do it justice.
    btw, you are all hereby invited to drop by for dinner anytime, now that we finally have a table that seats more than four :)


  5. wendy – yeah, he made it over a weekend – he was up pretty late a few nights :) but he was motivated (by me cracking the whip on him! just kidding), and was going out of town a few days later, so he had to get it done asap!


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