levitate me

not sure what the goggles are for… sky was running around the whole time yelling about ‘the GRAND reaper’! i didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s actually the GRIM reaper till later on.

after an afternoon rest on the couch watching harry and the henderson’s, we went out trick-or-treating with sky’s friends – 8 boys, all sky’s age, except for sharkey.

yes, sky is wearing a batman mask upside down with a star wars costume. never mind that his costume came with it’s own mask. i’ve given up trying to figure this one out. sharkey was sooo cute – after every single house, he would run back to me and show me his candy, and say, ‘look mom! CANDY!’ and i do mean every.single.time.
still in the hand-smelling phase…

shaving cream in the tub…only when daddy’s away!


15 thoughts on “levitate me

  1. love love love the flip flops with the costumes! that cracks me up. Hey, we are on the same page I guess with the whole journaling thing. I loved reading yours. but, you can't read mine : ) I'm not doing the daily docket anymore – that was almost stressful in itself. like if I didn't do everything that I planned, I failed.

    we had a party at our church last night – we worked in a game booth for a couple hours. Tori started feeling ill so quickly we came home. Now, Josh has been on the couch all day. Tori thankfully is better. glad your kids have recovered – just in time for Pants to come home!! Can't wait to see the reveal : )



  2. i hope your kids are ok :( it's so sad when they aren't feeling well.
    i definitely don't like to blog about spiritual or deep things – hence the reason this blog is not so deep – so i like keeping a journal for that kind of thing. i even edited out quite a bit that i wrote this weekend to keep it lighthearted. i don't know why i do that…maybe b/c my parents read this or something, i don't know :)


  3. Is Sharkey Boba Fett?? Too funny. Sky's imagination is sublime. Kinda like my nephew Jacob. VERY entertaining. And no- don't ever try and figure it out. Just go for the ride and enjoy their minds.


  4. for now, dancing with the kids and doing a few fit tv workouts :) but as my birthday present to myself, i think i'm going to join another dance class. it's been a looong time, and i miss it!! i just need that shimmy shake heavy-sweat cardio – that's what i love doing the most for exercise!


  5. I am totally laughing out loud looking at your pics. again! LOVE the costumes :) And hey, don't be so hard on yourself about not being as toned , I think you're beautiful! I wish I could pull off wearing the cute things you do!!! Being 5' tall is tough sometimes, gaining 2 pounds is like gaining 10 and after 4 kids the weight thing gets SO old! Ugh! Hang in there girl!


  6. your birthday is coming up – I just looked back at your post from last year! amazing how fast time goes. You are going to be one more year more beautiful!


  7. hmm…i don't know about that…but i do know this year has flown!! i can't believe it's my b-day again already! and then Christmas right about the corner…


  8. crack me up, i write long posts like this but some times i skip over quite a bit of other people's long posts. i always tend to read yours. loved when you said that the people that refereed you to the larabars were liars :)


  9. 1. Niamh LOVES larabars…weirdo.
    2. Why not wear exercise clothes all day every day? I do! :) Yoga pants are the new little black dress, didn't you know?
    3. Keep on lovin' that beautiful body you've got, sexy!


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