this half-shirt is woven from your brown hair

lately my hair seems to be growing really fast, which is kind of unusual for me. but i love it! well, except for the fact that i promised myself i wouldn’t do any more home dye jobs and now i have MAJOR roots:eek. i’m trying to wait it out till november to go back to the salon for a coloring, but it’s hard! i can’t stand roots. wah.
i’ve been wearing my hair curly about 90percent of the time, which is so easy, but i definitely think i look better with my hair straight. unfortunately i just don’t have the time (or desire) to flat-iron it every day. another prob is that if i wear it curly, i have to clip my bangs back, since they are definitely at an unmanageable length right now. so that’s kind of a pain. but i digress…
oh! i HAVE to tell you my super gross little hair secret. please try not to throw up in your mouth when i tell you i’ve been using PLACENTA on my hair! animal placenta, that is. (enviro-friendly, non-animal harming placenta, i promise!) i tried these little natural packets that combine animal placenta extract with henna and amino proteins:

i was amazed at how much life they put back into my overdry hair! you just spread it through your hair, wrap your head in a warm towel for 10 minutes, then rinse. and the packets were only like, a dollar each. but then i found these little guys who were way more convenient:they do have some extra added ingredients in them, but it’s sooo much easier not to have to rinse it out afterward. i just massage it into my hair (i actually use 2 of them at a time, and concentrate on the ends), leave it in for 3 minutes, then style/blowdry (with my new best friend, a diffuser!) as usual. try it!

so anyway, here are some hair length comparison pictures from when i did my last big chop a few months back…

(right after my MUCH NEEDED salon cut and color!)

(this was after i brushed it out a bit)
(oops, kind of a mess…just ignore that and focus on the length!)

and here’s my hair today. like, this actual day:

i didn’t want to show my whole face because i look sooo tired after having been up for the last few nights with a croup-y coughing child, all my makeup was wearing off, and i also have a big zit on my cheek. but at least i like the way my hair is curling! i am still debating whether to just quit coloring it and go natural, though. i love the red, but i’m just not sure if the maintenance is worth it. we’ll see!

11 thoughts on “this half-shirt is woven from your brown hair

  1. so exactly where did you buy that stuff? I'm thinking Mexico. really, I've never heard of the stuff. I tried the whole “no poo” thing a few weeks ago using baking soda and ACV – I lasted a whole 2 days. I head sweat too much I think. My hair takes forever to dry – I try to let it dry naturally but I must confess I love my hair straightener. did I mention how cute you are? and that your house looks so cozy


  2. lol, no, i just got that stuff at walmart/target – one of those big boxers. i thought it was sooo weird, so of course i had to try it :)
    i used to do the whole 'no poo' thing a few years ago, but it really just made my hair too dry. i still haven't found the ultimate shampoo, though – i am always switching around from brand to brand, natural to non-natural, etc. i do still do acv rinses on occasion, though, to soften my hair. and yeah, i can NEVER get away with air drying! i have to blowdry these curls else i look seriously freakish!!
    and you are nice…i am (finally) able to admit our house is getting pretty cozy these days, but as for me…i always tend to look better in pictures than in person, which is kind of a bummer, actually :)


  3. I'm headed to the big box today – COSTCO!

    looking good in pictures is a good thing for those who don't see you everyday : )


  4. Three things.
    1. I love your curls…you look great!
    2. In the interest of simplicity, I would vote for going natural hair color…at least for a while, for the health of your hair and schedule.
    3. Placenta? Are you kidding me? Now how in the world did someone ever think “hmmm…I bet animal placenta would do wonders as a har treatment.” LOL! Kudos to you for having the guts to try it!


  5. Oh, you and that gorgeous hair of yours! As someone with naturally stick straight hair, of course I envy the curls and say GO CURLY! I've been completely torn over bangs lately – I think I managed to actually grow them out ONCE in the past 7 years. Am trying to grow my hair out again and I do love the short bangs/long hair combo. (I also love her bangs here:

    I took a break in the permanent coloring (the red… sigh… such a pain) so I've taken to just doing temporary color every couple months or so. Then I don't feel so badly when it fades, as is always does. Bleh.

    And sorry, m'dear – nobody ever looks BETTER in pictures than in real life. And I want to hate you for looking so good in pictures. ;)


  6. wendy, i think you are right about my going au naturel…i think i see brown in my future…at least my temporary one :)
    nikki – i LOVE those bangs in that link!! you could totally rock those! and believe me, i do look better in pix, unfortunately :) we need to meet up sometime! then you will see :)


  7. in case you were wondering, I STINK at committing to not eating a certain thing like dairy or gluten. I only last a week or so. I think it is the sugar that did my belly no good. It didn't help that I ate so much of it in one weekend : )


  8. dmoms, you are SO not alone! i am getting bigger by the second, unfortunately – i really really need to tame my diet. i don't last very long when i feel deprived, though…


  9. I think you look great! I am a shampoo switcher too. I just found Alba on clearance at the grocery store and I really like it. For now!

    I need to try the placenta.


  10. You should have told me you were using placenta on your hair…I did just have a baby at home you know and had to dispose of the placenta myself! I'm sure shipping placenta across international borders would have caused no problems at all. Anything to get your hair lookin' good girl!! :)


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