i’m kurt hummel, and i’ll be auditioning for the role of kicker

just wanted to post this week’s menu plan. i’m trying really hard to be as budget-friendly as i can, so it’s not too exciting this week…

monday shepherd’s pie

tuesday teriyaki chicken and rice, steamed broccoli

wednesday bean and cheese nachos with veggies, orange julius’

thursday egg salad sandwiches on homemade rosemary bread

friday cornstarch chicken and fries

saturday breakfast for dinner (probably pancakes!)

sunday grilled chicken over salad with rice (i LOVE warm rice in salad. have you tried it?)

i feel like i have so much i want to chat about, but cub scouts, helping out with pta/school stuff, and just daily child-rearing/household-running tasks are overtaking my blogging time! but i do like being busy, so it’s cool. maybe in october i’ll challenge myself to do a post every day for a month – we’ll see!

9 thoughts on “i’m kurt hummel, and i’ll be auditioning for the role of kicker

  1. okay, this menu plan is very much like ours. And, I am planning on french toast for dinner on Saturday! Yes, I'd love to you post everyday. Hmmm, the things you could share : )


  2. I second that! You should post every day! ;) I love your menu plans, it makes me so excited to see that it's possible to be the kind of mom who cooks real food every night. I'm guessing you send them off to school with home made lunches? And CUB SCOUTS! I get to do that some day, too! I'm so glad we're having a boy, it seems like so much fun. :)


  3. nikki – yes, homemade lunches every day, too :) and boys ARE super fun!!

    mb – i'm so glad you like glee, too! i'm in love with it :)


  4. I was just reading something online today about home schooling – you said you home school, right? Or you did? I'm really curious about it – could I convince you to write a post about your homeschooling experience? Or just send me one of your lovely & informative emails whenever you have time. :)

    Stupid question, asking if you made their lunches every day. Of course you do! You're my mom role model!!

    This is what I was reading, btw –



  5. nikki – yes, we did homeschool sky for the first half of the year last year. on the side of my blog under the label 'homeschool' is a list of all my homeschool posts. if you scroll down to the first post of the homeschool ones, you can see our reasons for doing it :)
    i am definitely a homeschool advocate – it's just not what works for our family at this exact moment in time. but hopefully in the future we will do it again!!


  6. Thanks for the inspiration to make a shepherd's pie! It was the perfect dinner for a cold, rainy MI day! Somehow, I just laugh thinking about you eating it in warm, sunny CA! I thought you guys stuck to tofu salad and shrimp on the BBQ! ;) Miss you here in MI!


  7. christine, that is pretty ironic, isn't it :) i am missing fall, though, i gotta tell you!! i need some cool days and some breezy leaves…today was a bit overcast and i was glad :)


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