throw a pie at the orbiting moon

on saturday…i hiked.

just me, 13 fellow trail ramblers, and a whole lot of this:

and some of these:

and a weird rock shaped like a whale:
it was really good to be hiking again. it’s kind of my first love. this particular jaunt was an easy one – just 8 miles on alternating single trails through underbrush and fire roads up in the hills, but it was sooo much fun. i really feel like my true self when i am running around outdoors in unfettered nature. and doing it with the friendly members of my hiking club (and eating a big ole’ yummy lunch together afterwards!) was even better.


5 thoughts on “throw a pie at the orbiting moon

  1. hiking club? are you feeling my jealously through the screen? Hiking is something my kids REFUSE to do. Okay, our mondo jumbo retreat is going to include hiking. Put it on the schedule now.


  2. done! :)

    sky doesn't really like hiking either, which is a bummer cuz sharkey, pants, and i all LOVE to hike. i used to do some serious backpacking back in the day.

    you should join a hiking club near you! i bet there's a bunch of them where you are. this is actually the second hiking club i've been a member of since i've lived in cali :) i just have a hard time getting out to the weekend hikes – somehow life always seems to take over :)


  3. yes, tons of hiking groups here. it is just that soccer dominates saturday mornings. some day though. i promise. there is so much to see in these parts.

    whatcha been up to this week?


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