holmes, your eyebrow has fallen off again

i just wanted to post my menu plan for this week – mostly because then i’ll feel obligated to stick to it! this morning i went to the grocery and bought some basics and stuff for sky’s lunch and a few things that looked good, and figured i’d throw a menu plan together when i got home. so here goes…

teriyaki burgers on the grill, raw veggies and dip, homemade strawberry lemonade slushies

tomato basil chicken tenders (i bought these pre-marinated from trader joe’s), roasted tri-color potatoes, steamed broccoli
ravioli with tomato sauce, peas, fruit salad
garlic and thyme-marinated pork tenderloin (i might do this on the grill if i’m brave enough!) over a green salad with a yummy vinaigrette
breaded tilapia, scalloped potatoes, steamed veggies
mandarin chicken and rice
bean and cheese quesadillas or nachos

and that’s it! now i just need to figure out some new school lunch ideas for a super picky, mostly gluten-free seven-year-old. any ideas?


11 thoughts on “holmes, your eyebrow has fallen off again

  1. your menu looks very balanced. Will Sky take leftovers? Do you have a thermos that will keep things warm?
    my kids had microwaves in their classrooms last year. I don't know about this year – school has yet to start!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I am irritated by that?)


  2. do your kids have to make it up at the end of the year? that is so crazy. that's cool that they had micros in their classrooms, though.

    sky is usually a strict 'pb&j ONLY' for the lunchbox (besides fruit and extras), but maybe if i package it enticingly enough, he will take some chicken or pork…i'll try.

    he is getting a teensy bit better, though – the other day he actually ate a ham and cheese sandwich, and that was a real breakthrough :) i know, pathetic! (and then there's sharkey, the total opposite – a human garbage disposal who will eat ANYTHING!!)


  3. Can Sky have dairy? If you can pack a little ice pack, he could have yogurt or cheesestick for some protein. I tried a snack at home once, it was mini-rice cakes, spread a bit of strawberry cream cheese, and a slice of banana on top (or another fruit that may not brown although I heard if you spritz a little lemon juice on them, they should stay well but haven't tried it). Anyhoo-the girls gobbled those up but I haven't packaged them yet for Rachel to take to school.


  4. mb, that's a good idea – maybe i'll make some mini-rice cake 'sammies' and see if he likes them. and he drinks almond milk instead of cow's milk, but he does eat some cheese/yogurt.


  5. My kiddos love these “cookies” that I make them for b'fast and then we eat the leftovers for lunch in place of sandwiches!
    Peanut or almond butter (lots)
    Honey (some)
    Coconut oil (a bit)
    Maple syrup (a splash)
    Vanilla (a tad)
    Also a mashed, ripe banana is helpful but not necessary.

    Melt in microwave till everything is syrupy and well mixed.
    Add oats (oh wait…can sky even have oats? drat…I'll just finish since I'm almost done) and cinnamon, mix till like cookie dough consistency, bake at 350 for 10 min. voila…wheat, dairy and egg-free, with lots of protein and fiber. Easy packers, though very crumbly without the banana, so NOT a good “car” snack!


  6. wendy – yes, sky can eat oats, so i will totally make your cookies! what a great idea – i love sneaking the good stuff in :) and my kids love fun snackies like that. i'm going to try them!
    i make something sort of similar but a non-baked version – just oats or gf rice cereal, pb, almond meal or chopped nuts, honey or maple syrup, ground flaxseed, raisins or choco chips, etc. basically i just throw in whatever i have :) just roll into balls, freeze ten minutes to firm them up, and there you go. i keep them in the fridge for a quick snack. my kids call them 'oat balls' which makes me think of that old alec baldwin SNL 'shweaty' skit :)


  7. zdub, you can come over for dinner anytime! you are probably one of the few people that would be able to crack pants up! :)


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