don’t get fresh. dance me near lillian.

while we were ‘camping’ in michigan (and i say that lightly, since we were in my parents’ new rv trailer that includes a full power hookup and a working bathroom), my bro and sis-in-law and i took the kids on a rowboat ride around the lake. the kids enjoyed it, but i think the anticipation of ‘boats!’ was more exciting than the actual ride.

my boys did love wearing their life jackets, though. man, these kids like gear.overall, camping was fun…exhausting with the shark, but fun. and we did have some REALLY good food. somehow my brother has become a pretty awesome outdoor cook. i mean, you can’t beat michigan corn in august anyway, but the corn he grilled in the husks over an open firepit was the BEST corn i have ever tasted. and the second night we were there, my sis-in-law marinated some chicken skewers with honey-mustard, and they were SO good. and…there was bacon. need i say more?every morning my mom decided to do a ‘Bible school’ with the boys and their cousin emily. i thought she was just gonna read them a few stories or whatever…but oh no! she went completely overboard (in a good way) and had TONS of super fun crafts and treasure hunts and stuff for them to do. even sharkey was totally into it.and here are some random camping shots…napping…unfortunately, a rare thing for sharkey this trip.yeah…i was on, um, ‘chill out’ duty.

back at my parents’ house, the kids went for several nature walks with grandma, sky enjoyed a planetarium show which he is STILL talking about (of which sharkey lasted about ten seconds), and the kids had a great time with cousin emily.

sharkey also wore a sock puppet as an actual sock for 2 days straight, and sky was totally stoked to find a whole bin of my trophies from high school. which he proudly displayed all over my mom’s basement.


5 thoughts on “don’t get fresh. dance me near lillian.

  1. we used to call life jackets – boat coats. My kids DID NOT like wearing them when they were younger so be glad.

    cleavage? what cleavage ? j/k : )

    you mom – so cute. It looks like she was in her glory having all her grandkids together. how very cool.


  2. boat coats – that is SO cute! my kids are weird – they didn't want to take them off!
    yes, i'm very UNsocal with my post-sharkey girls :)
    and my mom was totally in her heyday – i always feel bad when we leave cuz she is SO all about the grandkids!!


  3. wendy – they do look alike in these pictures! not so much in real life, though. thank goodness she doesn't ACT like the shark! :)


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