smitten by the soaking sun

things that are lovely…

* the pioneer-themed playground/splash pad i took the kids to today
(even considering that we got lost twice getting there!)

* philosophy products

* yummy nacho concoctions

* packing lighter than ever before for our upcoming week-long midwest trip
hmm…can i get away with just one carry-on case for all our clothes (me and the 2 kids), sky’s carry-on backpack for toys and snacks, and my big ole’ purse for the rest?

* sharkey’s ear infection on the mend

* furniture switching
(the playroom is now the boys’ bedroom!)

* bangs growing out
(now what to do with the rest?)
* girlie sugar-cookie cupcakes with pink frosting

* roadside stands

things that are not-so-lovely…

* mikey no longer with us
um, he’s not dead.  i just meant that he moved into a new place. i am bummed to lose my favorite cooking partner, though. wah!* still no camera
(and now no mikey’s iphone to substitute with, either)

* missing living somewhere where autumn is an actual season
on an unrelated note, is it possible to pine away for a place you’ve never actually been to?
* not enough cash to purchase said philosophy products

* potty mouths

* the state of my house right now


6 thoughts on “smitten by the soaking sun

  1. jholy cow, there is too much on this post for me to comment about. love it. you are more than welcome to enjoy some FALL with us. We have lots of trees like that around my parts. And a huge tree in my backyard that has all ready started dropping leaves. oh, and then there is the eggs that you can gather every morning. And, the smell of rain in the air. And, then we could venture into Seattle and go to pike place market and maybe even a ferry ride.

    have i convinced you yet because there is more.


  2. i'm convinced, i'm convinced!! :) the pacific northwest is actually where i've been fantasizing about lately (well, really, for years). i would LOVE to come see where you live…maybe we need to arrange it in the near future!
    i don't know why i am hankering lately for misty mornings and leafy afternoon hikes, but i am!


  3. PHILOSOPHY!! And FALL! Right there with you. We're planning on moving back north in a few years because I can't take not having a proper fall & Christmas season anymore… But lately I've been begging him to move to Seattle, like… NOW. I miss sweaters and gray, drizzly days indoors, curled up on a couch with hot chocolate or tea… sigh…


  4. i should remind you both though – that is really does rain a lot here. it is true what they say : )

    regardless, i'd love to have you both visit my city.


  5. Sorry to rain on your parade but I'm not quite ready for a change in season. We've had gorgeous weather with highs in the 80's and plenty of rain that our lawns/pastures are still luscious green. But I am ready for some football! Give me another 4-6 weeks and I'll be good and ready for cooler temps and overcast days for reading, sipping hot drinks, a big ol' pot o'soup on the stove and cookies baking.


  6. yes…I have a yen to go to Ireland…all green and fresh, but how would I know? I've never been…maybe it's my ancestors calling me?!
    I've also had a doosey of a summer with my blog– haven't posted anything on mine since June 29- YIKES! Hoping for a better fall, too :)


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