on the cusp of crispin’s change

another week has flown by in typical summertime fashion, with daily doses of park hopping, nature hikes, farm stands, and late afternoon gossiping with the neighbors while all the kids play. there is such a whirl of things floating around in my head these days. good things. i think i need to resurrect my other blog and start posting there again. we’ll see… in other news, i am starting to gain confidence in this whole meal planning thing, and it’s really kick-started my kitchen love again. even if i do decide to change a few things up during the week, it’s still nice to have a plan. and it’s been awesome having our friend mikey around to cook with.

so here’s the menu for this week:

garlic-rubbed steak, grilled veggies, smashed red potatoes, melon salad
mikey’s (in)famous wings, corn on the cob, green bean and tomato feta salad
veggie and bacon omelettes, homemade hashbrowns, smoothies
teriyaki chicken, stirfry veggies, fried rice
grilled honey-mustard brats, corn on the cob, grilled peaches
brown butter ravioli (i’m a little addicted to this…recipe coming soon!) with parmesan and crispy sage leaves, roasted peas
grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, salad

i’ve also recently found the most perfect recipe for banana bread, so i think i’ll make some this week, too. yum!


8 thoughts on “on the cusp of crispin’s change

  1. where do I start? your hair looks so beautiful. I love the flow of your days. perfect for summer. and, your meals – scrumptious. I might just copy the whole week to help me get back into the swing of meal planning. To think, a few months ago I planned the month at a time ??

    I love that your are loving your summer!


  2. aw, thanks :)
    i can't believe that you used to plan a whole month at a time! that is amazing.
    i think our days have a nice flow because i am (finally) planning ahead. not just with meals, but in general. summertime is always my favorite time of the year, though – i love that everyone around here is always outside together, and pants has been around more, too. so that helps :)


  3. I like your shirt, well, what I can see anyway.

    Your meal planning posts have inspired me to meal plan better and it is working so well! So thank you for that.

    I just wish I could show up one night for dinner because everything looks sooo good!!

    Keep up the good work. (:


  4. mb, just don't show up tonite cuz our refrigerator just broke down last nite!! eek!
    but man, meal planning has helped me SO much! it just makes me feel more in control of things, i think. well, of one thing, anyway :)
    oh – and i was just yesterday craving that chicken you make that we had at our place in michigan – do you remember that? it was like, chicken and cream cheese in a breading…do you still make that? that was one of andy's faves! i gotta look through my stuff and find that recipe!


  5. velvet-I make it more for other people now, like when a friend has a baby. It's too much torture for me to make it at home and not eat it. :(

    The recipe is pretty simple, I could send it to you in an email if you'd like.

    my word verification is toust


  6. i'll toust to that!
    i think the last time i made it i incorporated bread crumbs into it instead of the outer breading…maybe could work with some gf ones? i would love the recipe – i pretty much just automatically turn any cooking recipe into a gf one (unless it's one sky isn't eating), much to andy's displeasure :)


  7. hee hee, guess i do need that recipe :) but i think that's how i changed it to be gf, though…i used bread crumbs (or something like that) to coat it instead of the crescent rolls. which is not the same, unfortunately, i know :)


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