i got some underbrush in my eye

i just wanted to quickly post my menu plan for this week. there’s some repeats on here from the last few weeks, but that’s because i want to change up/tweak a few recipes to get them exactly how i want them.

grilled greek-marinated steak with yogurt sauce, sauteed yellow and green wax beans, hummus with roasted potatoes

my good pal mikey is making tequila lime shrimp and chicken tacos with homemade guacamole, and i’ll contribute some homemade iced tea and a strawberry pie.

frittata with roasted vegetables, fruit salad

brown butter and balsamic ravioli with peas

grilled chicken and corn on the cob
(if mikey is here, he is gonna make wings with his special sauce and collard greens.)

sausage meatballs with sauce, roasted red potatoes, broccoli cole slaw
(i’m also caving and making some chocolate toffee bars, but ONLY because it’s my night to bring dessert to bible study!)

homemade pizza


3 thoughts on “i got some underbrush in my eye

  1. I swear this menu plan is like gourmet. I am really impressed. I have fallen off the meal plan wagon. I'll maybe need to post mine next week.


  2. dmoms, we have a friend staying with us and we love to cook together, so that has made me more excited about cooking lately. although really i think my meals just sound more impressive than they really are :) it's been fun trying new things – but doing it staying within the budget is tough!


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