you’re the one that got to stay after school with mrs. hawking

summer is definitely in full swing around here.  this week has been full of sidewalk chalk, staying up late, lego marathons, not cleaning my house, water play, and a trip to the nature center. i am loving hanging out with my two blondes, but man, it’s exhausting! in other news, here’s my menu plan for the upcoming week:

saturday – carmelized onion cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, homemade chocolate sherbet

sunday – mandarin chicken, rice, stirfry veggies
(i was supposed to make this last week, but somehow forgot to buy the chicken. oops.)

monday – egg salad sammies on homemade bread, salad

tuesdayrosemary chicken, lemon garlic pasta
(this is the same recipe from last week – it was so good, i have to make it again!)

wednesday – baked nachos

thursday – brown butter and balsamic ravioli, salad

friday – quesadillas
for breakfasts, we’ll do oatmeal, french toast, greek yogurt, eggs, or breakfast burritos.

lunches are usually pb and j or grilled ham and cheeses, with fruit and salads. oh, and sky told me he wanted a ‘really good’ steak for lunch one day this week. (he has expensive tastes – last week he kept requesting brie cheese on all his sandwiches.)

snacks are fruit, veggies with dip, homemade treats (i’m going to make a banana bread this week), smoothies, buttery popcorn, or sometimes a bowl of cereal.

well, i’m off to the grocery, and then i have to make some cookies for our neighborhood parade-watching party tomorrow.

have a happy fourth!


14 thoughts on “you’re the one that got to stay after school with mrs. hawking

  1. here's what i put in my brf burrs:
    scrambled eggs with cheese
    bacon or sausage or both :)
    sour cream
    then i just roll them up in tortillas (with the ends folded in), and brown them on both sides in a pan.
    i wrap them up individually in foil, and keep in the freezer (they micro easily).
    oh, and for my sunrise smoothies, it's super easy:
    1/2 cup oj
    1/2 ban
    handful or 2 of frozen strawberries
    some milk or water
    (you can add some sugar if you want it sweeter)
    i also made pineapple smoothies, too – just substituted ice and pineapple chunks for the strawberries.
    ps – sorry i didn't get back to you yet. my email has been wonky this week :)


  2. how did you do at the store? I went to trader joe's with eighty in cash. I embarrassingly walked around with my teeny tiny calculator adding as I was going. It worked though. I stayed under eighty : )

    Yet, I got anxiety in there. I knew I was not getting everything I wanted. It added up so quickly. It was crowded and I took the girls with me.

    But alas, I am back home! I think I shall bake something – that will make everything better : )


  3. Hi, I clicked over from “this is my life” and just had to comment when I saw the “This blog needs more cowbell” button. Oh my gosh…that is hysterical! That's one of my favorite skits ever! I'll be back… :)


  4. velvet-Have you been watching some Lost dvds lately? Love the quotes.

    btw, I am into greek yogurt now thanks to you. (: I had never tried it but really like it, it's so filling!


  5. mb – yeah, we are still doing our lost marathon :) ben linus just cracks me up.
    dmoms – i did ok, but i feel your pain…i am the one standing in the aisle for 5 minutes with something in my hand wondering if it's worth getting. and i'm still having a hard time coming up with filling meals that are cheap. please don't tell me you only spend $80 a week on groceries :) and baking always helps!!
    michelle – hi! i read your blog, too – i also clicked over from dmoms :)


  6. Velvet – we would be starving if I only spent $80 a week. I had also already spent $70 with my delivery which is all my fruits and veggies, milk, eggs (hopefully not for long) and coffee. So, my weekly goal is $150.00.


  7. ok, good :) that is our weekly goal, too! it used to be $200, but with meal planning i got it down. it's still a challenge, though.


  8. mb, i want to know your secret! do you meal plan or stock up on stuff? groceries are SO expensive here, but i wish i could get our budget down more. what kind of stuff do you guys usually eat? sorry for all the questions :) but i am interested. do you include household stuff in that budget, too?


  9. velvet-that's just food, not toiletries or anything like that. I split up my grocery money from walmart/target money. Part of the $90 is also my gluten free stuff that I get from a different store but I portion that out as well.
    I guess I should blog about it?!?


  10. YES! you totally should – even just for my sake :) hee hee. i am still trying to figure out a set household budget, since it seems to fluctuate so much. i used to combine it with groceries, but then it was too hard to keep track.

    we also have a friend living with us right now, so my budget is for 3 adults and 2 kids, including all lunches and stuff. we rarely eat out, and i make almost everything. which is good, but takes up a lot of time. i feel like i'm always in the kitchen when we're home :)

    i have cut down sky's gf budget by making stuff from scratch, but it took a really long time to stock my pantry enough to get to that point. sometimes i hate gf, even though it's worth it :)


  11. I hear ya on the gf, it's downright annoying! And having another adult to feed is a HUGE adjustment. I will definitely try to put some thoughts together on my blog. Can't hurt, right?


  12. yeah, do it! :) i think that would be cool – i am so not good at the whole meal planning/grocery budget thing and would love to see the details of what you do!


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