billie jean is not my lover

i’m stepping up my menu plan this week, because even in a money crunch, i’m still a foodie at heart. i’ll try to post the recipes throughout the week (if they turn out!).

grilled steak w/mediterranean yogurt sauce, spicy couscous, sauteed edamame
homemade (from scratch!) butterscotch pudding with whipped cream and toasted coconut

rosemary honey chicken, lemon pasta with tomatoes and bacon, iceberg salad

pineapple and green chili tacos, chocolate chip toffee bars

omelettes (gotta sneak a breakfast-for-dinner in here somewhere!), potato wedges
strawberry sunrise smoothies

mandarin chicken, rice, veggies

grilled ham and brie panini with apricot preserves, summer salad

quesadillas made with leftovers

i’m also going to attempt to make a loaf of regular bread for lunchtime sandwiches, and a loaf of pineapple bread for sky (it’s his current fave).


5 thoughts on “billie jean is not my lover

  1. you just had to get the Michael Jackson reference in there : )

    money tight round these parts too. we can do it though. it is worth it. Im loving not getting up at 3:30am !!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. i am SO glad you are done getting up that early! sounds like things are definitely working out well for you :)
    rip micheal j!! :(


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