he’s a scoundrel and she’s no pearl

my favorite breakfast…

greek yogurt (the only kind of yogurt i like), a drizzle of honey, a little bit of a crispy rice cereal, and berries. yum.oh, and a cup of tea in my big monopoly mug. (my favorite is vanilla chai, but today i’m trying to be good and drinking green tea, instead.)


10 thoughts on “he’s a scoundrel and she’s no pearl

  1. Yes on everything. My raspberries are almost ready. I had not tried Greek Yogurt until recently. Love it.

    I can't wait to get to eat breakfast at home again. Oh, I like Trader Joe's blueberry green tea. Have you tried it?


  2. christine – yes, it is! :) i've been using an orange blossom honey with my greek yogs, and it is sooo good. sometimes i use agave nectar, too.
    dmoms, i never tried that kind. sounds yummy! i like tj's pomegranate white tea – esp. iced. i will pick some of the blueb. green tea up next time i'm there!


  3. Oh my god. Every single morning. I got the man of the house addicted, to. You've already heard me ranting – we eat so much of it, I'm breaking out the yogurt maker & cheesecloth and seeing if I can't save the $25/week…! I hope it turns out half as good as the stuff I buy!

    Goodness – is someone growing raspberries???? Lucky! I wanted to grow blueberries, but I read that they take YEARS to fruit. Is that true of raspberries, too? They're so expensive, would be LOVELY to grow your own.


  4. Greek yogurt is just yogurt that's been strained (cheesecloth or some such.) It's super thick, and so incredibly good…

    I don't see why you couldn't make greek goat yogurt! In fact, I think that sounds DELICIOUS.


  5. ditto what nik said! i love greek yogs b/c it is so thick. nik – let me know if it turns out! i might copy you and make some, too…
    wendy, when do you think your goaties will be a-milkin'?


  6. yes, we have raspberries in our garden. They were here when we bought the place. They are just about ready! I don't mean to brag but they are freakin awesome!!!!


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