these guys


sky is becoming more like me every day, with his interest in zombies, fake tattoos, and treating stuffed animals like real pets. he is also passionate for nerf guns, playing with friends, and comic book drawing, and was overheard the other day saying, ‘that was awkward’. he also cannot write his name without putting an exclamation point after it.
yesterday sky told me to clean something up for him, and i responded, ‘are you paying me? am i your slave?’ to which sky replied, ‘mom, slaves don’t get paid.’sharkey

the shark is still a whirling dervish, but also enjoys counting the eggs in the carton, speaking about himself in the third person, and sneaking into sky’s room to build with his legos. he can sing the songs sky learns at school with remarkable accuracy, declares everything ‘awesome’, and loves to boss me around while i’m exercising.

when asked what was in a random fridge pitcher, he replied, ‘oh, just a liquid.’ when he gets in trouble, sharkey tries to get out of it by claiming, ‘but i was just kidding!’


6 thoughts on “these guys

  1. Okay, I’m taking it (gladly) that you’re over your blogging slump!
    I loved this update on the boys…they crack me up! And I’ll try not to forget that slaves don’t get paid! LOL!


  2. wendy – yeah, i think i am over my blog slump. i think i just get frustrated sometimes when blogging starts to become one more thing on the ‘to do’ list. but i really do love doing it :)


  3. lol, i remember the first time kobe threw the word “awkward” into a sentence and the first time he “asked” me to clean his room up because a friend was coming over. That didn’t go over so well.

    kids are so funny, glad to hear mine isn’t the only one doing these things!!!!


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