if i’m hanging on to your shade, i guess i’m way beyond the pale

ok, i know i just put a slew of posts up, but i really have to share this, too. on saturday i was very, very naughty. i cast all health aside and made…semi-homemade donuts. fried in oil and everything. and they were totally worth it!

easy homemade donuts
this was my first time ever making donuts, so i cheated a bit and used the old standby – refrigerated biscuit dough. so easy. then i just used a water bottle cap to cut holes from the middle of the round biscuits to make them into donut shapes.

i dropped a few at a time into a big old pot of oil (heated to about 350 degrees). as soon as they browned on one side, i flipped them over and browned the other side, then took them out to rest on a paper toweled-covered plate.

i made a batch of cinnamon sugar to roll some of them in, and then a glaze (confectioner’s sugar, milk, and vanilla) for the rest.

these babies are SO good! the only down side is that they don’t keep well, so you will be forced to eat them all while still warm. or at least that’s what i tell myself.


12 thoughts on “if i’m hanging on to your shade, i guess i’m way beyond the pale

  1. i made those a few months ago and you are exactly right-they are so good warm-and not good not warm. they were a bit too much for me though so I haven’t felt the need to make them since!

    once a year might be good :)


  2. leah – that’s funny, cuz i basically told pants to enjoy them now cuz i’m not gonna make them again for a looong time, even though they were so yummy :)


  3. oh my…did you use refrig. gluten free biscuit dough? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. I haven’t had a donut in over a year and now I really want one!


  4. mb – these were not gluten-free, unfortunately. i really just made them so pants would quit whining about never getting any ‘real’ treats :)
    sky is still gluten-free (ok, i did let him have a donut), but i am only about 85percent gf these days. it’s hard for me, because although i do see the benefits of it, i don’t really have any symptoms associated with gluten intolerance. i think i am actually more sensitive to sugar and dairy. of course these donuts had all 3 of these things :)


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