his words were balanced on my knife

this past weekend we went camping with some friends. it was a good time – anyone who knows us knows we are die-hard camping lovers (we even went camping on our honeymoon!), and the boys had a blast. but i gotta say…it’s a lot of work! the cooking and food organizing was a job in itself, and doing it while chasing a 3-year-old (especially one who is totally obsessed with the campfire) was pretty tiring. and of course i had to get my period right before we left. but we still had a lot of fun – the evenings were filled with eating and s’morin’ and chatting around the fire, and saturday we spent the day at a nearby beach.

the boys loved helping pants put up the tent.

and sharkey was totally obsessed with his flashlight the entire weekend. even when it was light out.
our tent:

our campsite: (love shark on the trike)

the view:i know he’s not a baby anymore, but i still want to eat him. so squishy and delicious in his button-down shirt.

sky was really into helping make the fire. i think he was trying to use his magical powers to get one started.

i guess it worked.
i don’t know what happened here. but i’m pretty sure it happened while pants was watching the kids.
at least they slept great!
this is becoming a familiar sight, unfortunately…
i gotta say i’m loving how sharkey is getting pretty attached to pants lately.
me and the boys looking for crabs…
…do dead ones count?


4 thoughts on “his words were balanced on my knife

  1. oh my that looked like a good time. where did you go camping? we love to camp too but really because it is all we can afford : ) we tent camp as well. your pictures make me want to go sooner than later now.


  2. Love it! The pic of Shark with his pants down cracks me up. I also love his ‘closeness’ with his dad. So cute, no wonder you want to gobble him up. (:
    And Skylar is so big boy with the fire. Your fam is so adorable!


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