she’s a silver sun, you best walk her way and watch it shining

here is the last batch of carolina shots. i wanted to post these sooner, but my computer has been wonky the last few days. wah. we had such a great time with pants’ fam!

this is sky with pants’ youngest brother, colin. they are close in age and were pretty much inseparable the whole trip. and since colin’s really into fishing…now sky is really into fishing.

like i said, inseparable.
meanwhile, sharkey had fun with our nieces.
savannah, the golden girl.
maggie, the female equivalent of the shark. (warning: hide your markers.)

our niece maureen. little irish lass.
typical pants. (that’s his older bro on the right.)
typical shark.pants’ sis arranged for a professional photographer to take pictures of the whole fam while we were there. pants’ folks have 7 kids and 10 grandkids, so this is just the immediate family with his grandparents in the middle. (pants and i are on the far right.)here’s one the photographer snapped of sharkey.

and one of pants’ teenage sis, harrieshia, which i had to throw on here cuz she’s freakin’ gorgeous!
farewell, sc! we miss you already!


7 thoughts on “she’s a silver sun, you best walk her way and watch it shining

  1. why do your boys look so much older in these pictures? especially Sky. I’m glad that you were able to go on this trip. sounds like one with lots of memories.

    p.s. – love your dress/sweater combo.


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