bret gives up the dream

this week’s lovelies…

this week i am officially back on the exercise wagon. i started running again, and also doing some resistance training using this crazy contraption that my mom bought me. the pilates bar actually really works, even though i’m not a huge fan of the dvd it comes with. i am aiming to do about 30 minutes of cardio a day and 10 minutes of resistance/strength training.

flight of the conchords
pants and i were a little late in the game coming to this one, but now we can’t get enough. these guys are so our sense of humor.  murray, present.
it only took me 10 years, but i finally have a housecleaning schedule that i am actually sticking to. i still have 2 little mess-makers that can tear the place apart in seconds, but for the most part i’ve been able to keep on top of things.

basically, the key for me is cleaning in the mornings. (i am just way too exhausted at night.) after getting sky off to school at 8, while sharkey is eating his (usually second) breakfast or playing with his new obsession, i take about an hour-ish to:

* throw in a load of laundry

* put the clean laundry away

* do a quick tidy up of the downstairs (run dishwasher, pick up toys, tidy living room pillows/blankies, clean up breakfast stuff, clean up any random sharkey messes)

* do a quick tidy of the upstairs (pick up toys, make beds)

about every other day i will also include something off my ‘deep cleaning’ list – like clean a bathroom, dust the living room, mop the kitchen floor, etc.

then after that i get sharkey and i ready and we are good to go.  this system is really working for me, and the house has been in way better shape lately. i think it’s now officially a habit, since i’ve even been doing it on the weekends.
oh, and also, (and i know this is soooo dumb), but i have FINALLY figured out a solution for something that’s been a thorn in my side for years.

here’s the deal – we always had to scrub our dishes completely before putting them in our dishwasher, else they wouldn’t get clean. it was a pain and a major time-waster – we were basically washing the dishes twice. also, our dishwasher kept giving our glasses spots.  then i read online that if you just upped the temperature on your hot water heater a little bit, your dishwasher will work more efficiently. so we adjusted the temp, and wow! what a difference – no more spots! AND no more scrubbing! now we can just throw the dirty dishes in like the rest of america does, and it has been SO much easier. this has seriously changed my life. now my kitchen is pretty much clean(ish) all the time, instead of piles of dishes stacked everywhere. ah, zen.
red is the new black which was the new red
as much as i enjoyed my raven locks, i am now back to red. honestly, it just looks better on me and i feel more like myself. in my twenties i could pull off the short bangs and stark contrasting hair color, but right now i just can’t. so the bangs are (yet again) currently growing out and i’m back to my normal red. and i like it.
we’ve got several trips planned in the upcoming months…mostly of the camping variety. also this summer we are thinking of doing a family week at either yosemite or sequoia/king’s canyon national park. is one better than the other? anyone have suggestions on either?


5 thoughts on “bret gives up the dream

  1. I loved this little update. i agree – i like the red hair better. i made my first appointment to get my hair colored in a couple weeks. it is mainly to cover my gray though : ( I do that same little cleaning/pick up in the time i have between getting home and having to pick kids up. it does help. what else, i have not been to either vaca spots but i was hoping you were going to say seattle was in the plan. the little pilates gizmo looks interesting – does it do the trick? I have been doing some weight training at work. not much though because i find it boring.


  2. you know, i do like the pilates gizmo :) because you can adjust the bands, it really provides some good resistance. and it’s easier on my body than free weights. i think i am going to get serious about yoga pretty soon, too. i feel like that can really give my bod some (much needed) toning. is that true?hmm…maybe i will jaunt up to seattle sometime…when is the best time to come? are you guys still having not-so-nice weather? that is the one thing that holds me back from convincing pants to move to the pacific northwest.honestly, i don’t even know if i have any gray hair or not, since i color it so much :) that’s probably a bad thing!


  3. A) Do you feel like the pilates bar works/is a good idea?B) I LOVE THE RED. I’m growing bored with my blonde already and craving red again, too. Red is just so much more interesting. LOL But HOW do you always seem to keep yours so … well, red, and vibrant? Mine always fades out immediately.


  4. nikki – i do like the bar so far. it’s nice because you can use it instead of free weights, and it’s portable. and it must work, since it makes me sore afterwards :) it’s a nice addition to the workout paraphernalia, but not yet on my ‘must have’ list. give me a few more weeks, though – maybe my opinion will change :) regarding hair color, yeah, mine fades fast, too :( i just have to recolor it a lot. it definitely helps to not wash it daily, and to use a made-for-color shampoo/conditioner, though.


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