he has my father’s eyes. gomez, take those out of his mouth.

random happenings around the homestead…

i’ve been wearing lots of curls lately.  gotta say i’m digging the easiness of the new cut and color.
it’s been a little rainy here the last few days, which makes sky and i do a lot of this:

and here’s a little random note from sky’s teacher that made me smile:
we finally got around to putting some more artwork up around the house.  i heart this pix:
we also put up some pictures in the playroom. i found a bunch of mid-century children’s book artwork from alain grèe, a french illustrator i like, and pants printed them out and adhered them to canvas/wood frame backings.  cute, non?

7 thoughts on “he has my father’s eyes. gomez, take those out of his mouth.

  1. those pictures are adorable. we don’t have much of a playroom anymore. I miss it which is weird to say. I actually loved organizing the playroom once the kids had gone to bed. Of course, it always had to be perfect for the next day. There’s that OCD talking again : )


  2. i WAS proud of sky’s report…i think i cared more about that comment than he did :)that’s funny about your playroom. we are a lot alike – pants can never understand why i even clean ours up. i always hear, ‘it’s just gonna get messy again!’ :)


  3. I like your pretty curls, pretty lady. (:I love the orange color walls with those those sweet pictures. So bright and cheery.Oh and great job with Sky’s writing, hurray!


  4. those pix rock and your hair is so dang cute! really, could you be any more stylish, cute, fun?gosh.love the snail pic…they are so nifty. and sticky.love the title! hee hee.happy Monday!


  5. I love the vintage prints!!I also find great satisfaction in organizing Lucy’s toys after she goes to sleep! I don’t know why. Strange. And literally as soon as she wakes up in the morning I dump them all out in the middle of the room again for her to play with.


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