special agent skinner


9 thoughts on “special agent skinner

  1. he is so cute :)i like getting to know you through your blog too…it’s why I keep coming back-either that or these cute pictures of your kids. :)


  2. does that little man ever have clothes on?Sydnie prefers to be free from clothes as well :) But here in MI we don’t have as much freedom to run nudey (as we call it)!


  3. suzanne – yeah, sharkey is our little nudist at home :) however, lately what’s funny is that when we go out of the house, he wants to wear TONS of layers of clothing, costumes, accessories, etc. i’ll never figure out these crazies :)


  4. wendy, if you saw him in person you would quickly see that he’s like andy’s mini-me :) their baby pictures are practically identical!


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