black is the new red

you all know i love the red, but it was time for a change. the maintenance for red hair is really high, and i just don’t have the time for constant color touch-ups right now. (even doing it at home myself.) it was also time for a decent cut, since this mane will not be tamed.
so last weekend i colored it at home, and then went out (to an actual salon for once!) and got a really cute new style.

my new cut and colorΒ has an edgy quality that i can play up with a straightener and some wax if i want to:
or not:

i like it. i will probably add some bright red in the bangs or something soon, though, since i can never leave well enough alone.


13 thoughts on “black is the new red

  1. Love the new color and cut! You’re so brave. I’m just sticking to my same ol same ol hair color sometimes I hilight, but NEVER myself! Right now I’m going all natural. I’m afraid to try a color! I’m not afraid to try new cuts just color. Your new do looks GREAT! Is it hard to do your color and color touch ups?


  2. at first, coloring it yourself is pretty much one big mess :)but i have gotten the hang of it by now, and can do an ok job of getting it (mostly) even.i am hoping i will just have to touch up the black every 2 months or so, instead of every month like the red.the only thing i don’t like about coloring is that i have to darken my eyebrows when i wear makeup so that they match my hair :)you always had such a pretty hair color. if i had your hair, i would go natural, too! :)


  3. I agree with MB, you look good in any hair color! So not fair! :) Do you do highlights yourself? I’ve done my own hair for 3 years now and would like to do highlights, but am too afraid and unskilled! HA! I wondered if there’s a good one to try for highlights….


  4. thanks, guys :) although mb, that’s not true – remind me to dig up a picture from when i attempted to go blonde! yikes!dmoms – i have a memory of you from when i was like 7 or something, and you were at my house doing your hair, and i thought it was sooo beautiful and you were so cool! i couldn’t wait till i was older so i could use a blowdryer and do all that :)jtaco – i haven’t done actual highlights on my own hair in a loooong time. but now there are tons of good products out there that make doing it at home a lot easier. you should try it! and then let us know how it goes :)


  5. okay, it is so unfair that you remember those things and I don’t. We had such an awesome childhood growing up where we did. At least I thought so. I desire those same experiences for my kids but unless you are living on a farm, it is hard. We also tell my mom and dad that we loved where we lived in Oxford.okay, this got a little mushy sorry.


  6. dmoms, we did live in an idyllic place to grow up. that is one thing i wish my kids had – more grassy and hilly space outside to just run and run. i did love those farm days. and tell your parents i loved their place, too – it was always so much fun whenever we went down to ‘the end of the little road’ :)


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