she hijacked a busload of penguins. so it’s sort of a family crisis.

i’ve been experimenting in the kitchen again this week, baking up a gluten-free storm. as all the dishes in my sink will attest to. let’s see…oh, i made my first gluten-free pie crust! from scratch! pants and i thought it was alright, although sky wasn’t really into it. i did make some chocolate cookies that were actually healthy (low sugar, coconut oil, flax seed, fava bean flour), and the kids liked those a lot. myself, well, i preferred the not-healthy-at-all frosted chocolate chip bars i made this afternoon.

another thing the kids loved was some calzones i made with a chébé mix. i’m thinking i may make some up and freeze them, then i can have them on hand as snackies for the kiddos. it’ll be a snap to reheat them if i use my latest impulse buy.
(it was on sale at qvc for like, 26 bucks. and it’s worth it. don’t judge.)


3 thoughts on “she hijacked a busload of penguins. so it’s sort of a family crisis.

  1. leah, i love watching qvc! i don’t know why. at first i started watching it because it seemed so ridiculous – i was like, this stuff is crazy, who would ever buy this?! and then i realized they actually have some really good stuff on there! even pants will watch it with me now :)dmoms, i use our outdoor grill all the time but i still bought this! i just like that you can cook from frozen in literally 5 minutes. i thought it would be good for sky when he needs a quick protein snack. and the stuff we’ve made so far actually tastes good, too, which surprised me :)


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