homeschool highlights

the past month of homeschooling has been a huge challenge for me, i must admit. several times i have REALLY wanted to just quit, and seriously contemplated sending sky back to school when the term started up again in the beginning of january. i know i’m a complainer by nature, but the combo of sharkey being SO demanding, and sky and i recently butting heads so much is driving me to the edge. (the edge of what, i don’t know, but the edge of something.)

but alas, school still goes on. here’s a few things we’ve been doing since the last update…

telling time, coin values, addition and subtraction, counting 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, place values, graphing, measurements, worksheets

jelly bean graphs! this was a fun one for the kids – no doubt because they got to eat a bunch of candy at 9 in the morning. i had sky divide up the jelly beans by color and count them out. then we colored in the appropriate info on a graph i made.
sky is also getting the hang of the ole’ money thang.  we’ve been playing lots of ‘store’ and other money-related games.sharkey takes his job as cashier very seriously. he loves saying ‘have a nice day!’ whenever he gives you the change back. it’s totally cute.

this has been one of sky’s favorite activities so far, and he got really into it. we hung laser beams on the walls (similar to the ones at his birthday party), and then i hid a bunch of number cards all around the house. he had to ‘indiana jones’ his way through the beams and find all the cards to match to his paper and copy them down. a secret treasure was waiting at the end, of course.

volume and weight, rock formations, color mixing, pressure


so, the whole diet coke and mentos thing? um, it works.
this was a simple experiment we did to make an egg float.
sky’s first ‘real’ adventure at the stovetop.
we also did a color changing experiment that was fun for both boys. i wrote a bunch of ‘recipes’ on notecards
(ie, 1/3 cup blue + 1/2 cup yellow = ____)  then sky would measure out the correct amounts and we would see what happened. love the full-on bat gear.

old testament stories, american history


we tried out our own version of the early telephones when we talked about the history of communication.

social studies/geography
unit studies, ancient eqypt (still), 50 states geography
we did an australia unit study…
…and also a dinosaur one. one day we made some dinosaurs out of plaster and then painted them.

we also made a ‘dino world’ out of this cool book my mom sent the boys.

and of course we had to measure the dino footprints.
and my little archeologists are still stuck in egypt. they had to be sure to have their explorer hats on to uncover the hidden artifacts.
hieroglyphics.  still got the hat on.
reading books, handwriting, grammar, spelling, vowel sounds, worksheets
letter to santa
match ’em up vowel sounds

sharkey likes to have his own worksheets, too.
christmas decorations (december), photoshop, painting, mosaics, crafts
sky has been begging to do a mosaic project, so i bought a few old plates at goodwill he could smash up and use for it.
thanks for all the new painting supplies, grandma!
sky’s still photoshopping away at pants’ office. i am amazed how good his computer drawings are.

he’s also quite creative with pen and ink. he made this sweet little drawing for me out of my name.

i meant to post these next pictures before christmas, but didn’t get to it. along with the fateful gingerbread house, here are a few other christmas crafts we did:
paper manger
sky actually made an entire scene (angels, shepherds, etc.) and then taped it all along the wall. later i found that he added this sign, which i thought was totally precious:
and this is pretty much what our schoolroom looked like for most of december.


11 thoughts on “homeschool highlights

  1. Good grief, woman! No wonder you’re burned out! Just looking at everything you’re doing makes my head spin! Maybe just slow down a little, don’t try to do so much. Are you using a curriculum or coming up with all this stuff on your own?


  2. Wow. We need to chat. I’m also struggling in burnout and I’m not doing 3/4 of the stuff you are! Seriously, if we weren’t on different coasts…


  3. lisa – i just sent you a facebook message :)mb – i know. i think we should schedule a phone conversation :) maybe on the weekend when the hubs can watch the kiddos? i can call you – just tell me when! sorry you are burned out, too, but i’m glad i’m not alone. maybe it’s a new-to-homeschooling thing :) we gotta get our ‘me time’ in!!


  4. I’m agreeing with Lisa C. – you are doing a freakin awesome job – your pictures of what you have done AMAZE me! I just wonder if you are trying to do too much. I can tell you that my kids don’t get all that in a typical school day. Perhaps if you lower your expectations a bit you will not feel so burned out. I would TOTALLY support a day or two at the charter school too that may give you some balance.


  5. well, i don’t know what you SHOULD do, but I would say what you HAVE done is AMAZING, Amy! Seriously! God will help you know what to do!! You are really doing an awesome job though!


  6. OH, I’m falling off my fencepost leaning toward homeschooling the kids next year rather than sending them back to the public school they’re in! I’m trying not to see your grass as so much greener, because as you said it’s HARD WORK! Do you use any set curriculum or do you make your own? Looks like you’ve got some great fun going on over there! If I get back into it, I am going to find a curriculum that is totally laid out for me, then when we have the energy and creativity – which I hope is often, we will replace the boring with the fun learning. I would be doing 2nd and 3rd grade with a 2 and 3 year old underfoot. Sound crazy?! Your pictures bring back so many good memories of when I homeschooled Caleb for kindergarten…. It’s so exciting to see the lightbulb turn on in their little brains!!!


  7. you guys are so encouraging – i appreciate the support SO much, i can’t even tell you! christin – it is a lot of work :) but obviously really rewarding. i have been mostly doing my own lesson plans/curriculum because sky is such a hands-on learner and is sometimes resistant to ‘the boring stuff’ (which is one reason we’ve been butting heads lately), so it was hard to find something that worked for him. i am in the process of finding one set curriculum, though – i think that would really help me. you are a superwoman for thinking of homeschooling with 4! i know you could do it and you would be awesome at it. and your kids would love it! :)


  8. Amy… my BIG FAT words of advice to you right now are, scale it down for a while. Read books together and let them just “be”. I highly recommend the Five In A Row curriculum. Your burn-out is normal, but don’t be discouraged. Just call it a down-time and know that your kids will be FINE through all of your ups and downs AND continue to learn! Hang in there!


  9. loo, you are right as always!!we are gonna take a break for the rest of the week (at least), just reading and chilling and wandering where the wind takes us…i think we all need it!


  10. I love the laser beam idea with the blue tape. My son does something similar and strings yarn all around a certain room to try and trap people. He would love the surprise of mommy making lasers that he had to try and work his way through for ‘treasure’…AWESOME idea.


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