if there’s a rocket, tie me to it

last friday, we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take the boys up to the mountains for some saturday sledding. sharkey was beyond excited – which was funny cuz he didn’t even really know what snow was.
i had fun racing around to FIVE different stores late friday night trying to find winter boots for sky, since we didn’t realize he had grown 2 shoe sizes since his last snow outing. have you ever tried to find appropriate winter gear in a town where the temp rarely drops below 60? we had to settle for some warm hikers and multiple layers of socks. you can also see in some of the pictures how his snowsuit is like, 2 sizes too small. at least sharkey made out ok – sky’s old stuff fit him perfectly.
early saturday, we headed up to big bear, a little ski town about 2 hours away. the drive up was really pretty, but we did hit a foggy/snowy/traffic jam patch that lasted about an hour. which we actually didn’t mind, since then sharkey got a nap in. we also made a quick stop to buy a (super overpriced) sled, since we were, um, going sledding, and we didn’t have one.
the best part about that was at the end of the day when we were driving home, we realized we didn’t have the (super overpriced) sled with us anymore – we somehow accidentally left it on the sledding hill. which led to great sadness on sky’s part…which led to great softness on pants’ part…which led to another purchase of an identical (super overpriced) sled. anywho.

sharkey LOVED the snow. more accurately, he loved eating it.
and eating it…
and eating it…
and eating it…
and eating it some more. (um, i hope it’s snow he’s eating here.)
at first when pants tried to get sharkey to go sledding, the shark’s response was, ‘ i can’t! i have to eat the snow!’ it was really cute. sky also got in on the action.

i even caught black-eyed pants munching some.
geez, you guys. drink some water already.
the kids had a great time sledding. sky was a little daredevil, wanting to go down by himself and trying lots of ‘tricks’.
and sharkey was just plain adorable.

after a fun afternoon in the snow, we grabbed a semi-disastrous meal in town (sharkey burning his tongue on his too-hot drink and spilling it everywhere, sky spilling his water everywhere, me just plain over it already), and then headed home. it was dark and snowy/icy on the trek down, so pants had to throw on the snow chains. but both boys fell asleep on the way home, so i consider the trip a success!


7 thoughts on “if there’s a rocket, tie me to it

  1. maybe i’d feed them more if they had better restaurant behavior :) just kidding!do you guys still have snow up your way?


  2. It looks like you guys had a really good time! I really enjoyed reading that and looking at the pictures. It is so funny that you can just drive 2 hours away to see snow. Great pictures.


  3. what an adventure! :) We have that same sled…although I’m afraid to ask how much yours cost!!! We actually had a hard time finding one for the kids for Christmas but finally got one at Walmart. Apparently we waited too long to get one, but the kids are happily using it as I speak! :)


  4. i don’t mind the rain at times, but i don’t know if i could handle seattle rain! i am getting pretty spoiled down here in sunny orange county :)


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