too many moustaches to count

it’s christmas!
we started our celebrations on the 24th with the typical christmas eve traditions…a dinner of yummy appetizers and finger foods.we let the kiddos open one gift each…
and even though sky doesn’t believe in santa, he still left out brownies, milk, and a message reminding him of what toys to bring. (the apple slices and bin of water are for the reindeer, of course.)
christmas morning fun…

of course sharkey’s favorite thing was not the huge batcave, t-ball set, or other cool toys, but rather a cheap little plastic gun that was in his stocking.
(this picture reminds me of ralphie’s brother in a christmas story)
although he did really like his farm set, too.
sky’s life revolves around legos, so this ship was tops on his list. and look at his darling lego pjs! he LOVES those pajamas – sometimes i even catch him wearing them under his clothes.
sky’s other favorite gift was from aunt candie…
he found out the hard way that they can’t actually help you fly for real off the top of your bunk bed.
everyone knows i LOVE those sweet little christmas village displays with the lights and the tiny people and the fun shops and houses…and every single year i debate about starting my own collection of them. so this year pants surprised me and got me my very own christmas village! (i think he was just tired of hearing me always talking about them.) i am totally excited about it – i can’t wait to keep adding to it!
and isn’t this how you always end christmas day?

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