there were hoof prints on her forehead

this past weekend marked our annual velvet-pants-mikey-coco christmas celebration. the lovely lloyds showed up on our doorstep late saturday afternoon, and it was 24 hours of laughs, presents, yummies, and all-around holiday merriment.

saturday night menu:
pork tenderloin
homemade baked apples
sweet potato rounds
(these were GOOD! i just baked sweet potatoes in the oven early in the day, then fridged them. once they were cold, i just cut them into thick circles, and sprinkled them with olive oil, salt, and brown sugar. then i sauteed them in a pan till the bottoms were carmelized. yum!)
steamed green beans
salad ala coco
assorted ice cream for dessert

presents!i was SO stoked that i found a christmas story wrapping paper with pictures of ralphie and his fam all over it! i knew mikey would love it, of course, so i gave some to him as one of his gifts. hee hee!

we also laughed A LOT.

afterwards, we tried to play a game but couldn’t stop laughing, then coco and mikey and i stayed up late talking. (poor pants went upstairs to put sky to bed and never made it back down. i found him asleep on sky’s pillow when i went to bed around midnight.)

sunday found us eating cinnamon french toast and bacon for breakfast, doing some last-minute shopping, getting ready for the christmas program at church (pants was playing music in it)…and still laughing.

there were lots of silly random things that kept happening. like the way sharkey kept using his new ‘sword’ (a blunted metal knife sharpener he pulled from the silverware drawer when i wasn’t looking) inappropriately:

at least he found a handy way to carry it when not in use.
(guess it runs in the family.)
and the hand weights i accidentally left on the kitchen counter were apparently popular:
we had so much fun, you guys! wish it could be christmas with the lloyds every weekend!

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