this post will self-destruct in 30 seconds

my mission, if i chose to accept it…was to throw a SECRET AGENT-themed party at our house for 12 crazy kiddos on a sunny saturday afternoon. we did 4 ‘missions’ at the party, and after each one, the kids would get a special star sticker to go on their secret agent badge.

mission 1 making agent badges and coloring ‘wanted’ posters of bad guys

mission 2 ‘target practice’ with grenade-shaped water balloons

the kids LOVED this! i just drew 3 ‘targets’ on our fence with chalk, and had them line up and try to hit the targets with the water balloons. the good thing was that the balloons i got were actually a little tough to break, so the activity went for quite some time. it kind of became a free-for-all at the very end, but the kids had such a blast. pants thought he would be clever and get some shots of the kids from the front side, but he didn’t realize that as soon as he was in front of them, the kids would start pelting him with water balloons as hard as they could. it was really funny. especially when one of the balloons was thrown at pants by one of the dads that was there helping out. hee hee.

mission 3 ‘bomb squad’ – i hid a kitchen timer as a ‘bomb’ and the kids had to wear a disguise and go through a ‘laser beam’ obstacle course to find it.

we did this in our upstairs hallway and playroom. i just used painters’ tape as the ‘lasers’ and they could crawl under or jump through them. the kids loved putting on a spy disguise (random clothes from the dress-up box) and trying to find the ticking timer ‘bomb’ without touching the lasers. the kids really got into it, although i must say their favorite part seemed to be when i let them rip down all the painters’ tape off the walls at the end of the mission. for some reason, they thought that was the coolest thing. kids.

mission 4
‘treasure hunt’ – following the clues to the secret treasure (the goody bags)

i read a short little story about dr. inferno (sky’s choice for the bad guy) stealing the treasures, and made up 12 clues with pictures on the back for them to follow. the clues took them upstairs, downstairs, and outside in the front and back, until they finally got to their ‘treasure’ bags. in the bags were mostly spy-related stuff: fake glasses/noses, magnifying glasses, pencils and notepads, a ring pop and a sticky crawler guy. the bags were just paper lunch sacks with ‘top secret’ written on them. yes, i’m we had the typical pizza (a gluten-free one for sky) and cake staples at the party. for the cake, i just made pioneer woman’s chocolate sheet cake, and made the frosting vanilla (colored green) instead of chocolate. i was proud of myself because no one could tell that i had made it gluten-free! (although that’s why i had to keep it in the glass pan.) sky wanted a lego ‘agent’ scene on top of the cake, so he made this one himself. which is good, cause this girl ain’t no cake decorator. decorations i kept the decorations pretty budget-friendly, with a fun sign on the door that pants made (see the very top picture of this post), black and yellow streamers, black balloons, cute table decorations, and some fun question marks/footprints on the walls and floors.


11 thoughts on “this post will self-destruct in 30 seconds

  1. wow – how lucky to be Sky’s friend and invited to the party. It looks like a terrific time!! kudos to you for all you did to make it turn out so fun.


  2. Awesome, Amy! We had Tessie’s party on Sunday! :) No major theme, really… basically just lots of giggling and dancing to High School Musical 3!


  3. being a mom of a boy very close to sky’s age I have to say I am VERY impressed! How COOL and I am sure the kids loved it and had lots of fun! What an awesome mom sky has!


  4. You are awesome. What an amazing party you 2 are so creative and clever and artistic! Carson’s party is this Saturday and it’s just a Thomas the train party no planned activities. It’s hard because almost all of his cousins are girls and almost all of the neighbor kids are girls. Anyway you are a GREAT mom. Also congrats on the running.


  5. aw, shucks :) you guys are too sweet. i love the planning/decorating part of parties – it’s the actual ‘yikes! i have 12 wild children in my house’ part that is a little unnerving for me :)and loo, tessie’s party sounds like it was so much fun – even i will admit those hs musical tunes are catchy :)and wendy – sharkey is so into thomas the train right now, too! and i understand the boy/girl dilemna – there were 2 girls at his party, and they were a little overwhelmed by all the crazy boys there! next year we might have to stick to all boys, instead!


  6. thomas the train is coming to different areas I got an email and as I was looking for areas near us it showed areas in CA. I can’t wait he is coming to the Palace in June. This past August we took him up to good ole huckleberry railroad and he actually got to ride on Thomas. I have to say I love having a little guy.


  7. That looks so creative and fun! You did a great job, and it sounds like the kids had a fantastic time! If you’re ever in DC, you should take Sky to the Spy Museum, it’s totally awesome! And right up his alley it sounds like!


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