i wear strictly continental suits

the friday after thanksgiving, pants and i went on a little overnight without the kiddos – our first one since the shark was born 2 1/2 years ago. i know, we’re lame. we actually just traded places with mikey and coco – they stayed with the kids here at our place, and we drove up and stayed in their cute LA apartment.

pants and i had way too much fun walking around town, buying treats at the farmer’s market, hiking the hills in griffith park, perusing art and furniture shops, eating out without little ones crawling all over us, and just enjoying the child-free life for a day or two.

the brood at our place had a good time, too, and we came home to stories of outings at the children’s museum, the ice cream shop, and the toy store mixed in with living room fort building and christmas movie watching.

sharkey and coco putting the finishing touches on the fort:

sharkey’s channeling the eighteenth century with that hair. love the lamp in the fort.
and here is the telltale sign that mikey and coco don’t have a 2-year-old…that is a stark white comforter (from my bed) that the shark is eating pie off of. that makes me laugh.

thanks you guys, for doing such an awesome job with the kiddos!


4 thoughts on “i wear strictly continental suits

  1. do you think they would be willing to come to Washington and stay with my kids for a weekend?we have yet to find anyone willing to stay with them for that long.


  2. what about your fam? that is one of the things i miss with my folks – the free babysitting :)you should bring your kiddos down this way and they can stay with me! then you and big daddy can take a little beach get-away :) it’d be so fun!


  3. they would be willing – I guess we just need to do it. I still struggle with leaving them for anyone for any length of time. I want to be with them still. Plus, what would big daddy and I talk about without them around (kidding, well sorta)one of Tallie’s friends is coming to stay with us next week. her parents are going out of town. they have five kids – each one is going somewhere different. now that’s a lot to manage but a good idea so it is not so overbearing on one person.


  4. i guess since they are older you could split them up…i always wonder about that. i have a really hard time leaving my kiddos, too.you know, my parents used to go away and leave us at your house :) and i loved it! i remember your mom used to give us sugar cereal and we were so excited :)and i’m sure you and big daddy would find something to talk about. or to do instead of talking :)


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