fifty million elvis fans can’t be wrong

thanksgiving around these parts was a mellow affair this year, just us and the boys and our close pals mikey and coco. it was fabulous. we cheated a bit and ordered the turkey and some of the sides from a local restaurant, and mikey and i made the rest. the morning of the big day found mikey and i in the kitchen (alternating cooking and parade watching), while coco and pants took the boys to the park. the rest of our time was spent in typical turkey day fashion – eating, napping, watching, and more eating. it was darn near perfect.

didn’t i just take a picture of sharkey in this exact spot?
this is the only thing we trust coco to do in the kitchen.
just kidding. kind of.

my turkey day socks.
mikey and the lovely coco.
our ‘thankfulness’ board. which got a little ridiculous towards the end of the day.

note to self: don’t ask sky to set the table for you.


4 thoughts on “fifty million elvis fans can’t be wrong

  1. awwwh, I wish I could have been there! love that you ordered the turkey – I keep suggesting that to my fam. Oh, saw your picture at IKEA – I was like where have I seen that before? we went the other night. it is only 10 minutes from home – too close actually. please write your vaccine post someday soon. I am so torn on that issue.glad your thanksgiving was a good one.


  2. while I love all the pix…like they were just ripped right out of Better Homes…my fave is the Sky table setting! he is so dang creative!! and the pic of pants and his little dudes on the couch…love those shots!Mikey and Coco are a lovely cool that you have tizzite friends to do that stuff with!!God Bless you and yours!I’m with Dmoms…bring on the vaccine post…(we don’t vaccinate our offspring…we figured our vaccines did enough damage on us, that we’d share the love that way)ok, wow…guess the coffee just kicked in. LY


  3. dmoms, i was like, what picture? then i got it. you have a good eye :) and the vax issue is so sensitive, since there are arguments both ways. hmmm…did i ever say i was gonna write a vax post? :) dmoms, a good place to start is on – look on their discussion forums page and scroll down to the vaccination group. there is a LOT of really good information and links there.laurie, i think YOU should write a vax post – you are probably way more informed than me.


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