and wear your buckle shoes

i am finally getting around to posting some pix that pants took when he went to chicago 2 weeks ago. even though he was officially there to play music at a campus crusade college retreat, he went a day early to get in some walkable city time.

good grief, our little worship-leading pants looks like he’s 18 years old in this picture. (he’s actually 31. no cradle robber jokes, please.)


4 thoughts on “and wear your buckle shoes

  1. he does look quite young but I’m gonna chalk it up to having a good wife, good genes, good diet…one blessed dude!! how cool that he took cool pix for his blogging guys are uber cute!


  2. laurie, hmmm…i’m not really that good of a wife, and if it was up to him, he’d eat a bowl of cereal for every meal, so it must be the good genes :)


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