the crypt kicker five

i think i counted 7 kids total running in and out of my house on monday afternoon. no wonder this place is a mess…

tuesday night we took the kids to the weekly street fair downtown. pants’ favorite is a guy claiming to be the best unicycle rider in america. seriously, that’s his favorite. forget the spanish guitars and the ears of fresh roasted corn, give him a 12-foot tall unicycle any day…

on the spur of the moment last night, i took 2 batmans with me for trick-or-treating at disneyland with a bunch of friends.
sharkey in that costume CRACKS.ME.UP. he was so serious about it, which just makes it funnier. he wore the mask almost the entire time, except for once in a while when he would pull it up and say, ‘ta da!’

is this not the tiniest, cutest cape you ever saw?

sharkey was so into everything – even just riding the tram made his day. he also was super excited about seeing the disney characters, which is funny to me because sky still won’t even go near any of those guys. we stayed out late and ate entirely too much candy, but it was worth it for such a great time with our pals.

throw a costume on this kid and he’s suddenly fearless.

aside from that, it was a pretty typical week…


8 thoughts on “the crypt kicker five

  1. Those are 2 very cute batman’s! How close are you to Disneyland? You’re so lucky to be in Cali. I totally dread the cold weather that is heading this way. I’m glad to hear that your schedule is helping.


  2. which part am I most envious of… kids were so “that’s so unfair” when I told them you went to disneyland. next time, you’re taking us too. have fun tomorrow.


  3. I seriously hope to one day meet your boys.The way you describe their daily lives and the random capture of these moments, make me laff out loud loudly. you are too funny captioning their goings on and here n there’s. that pic w/ sharkey FLINGING that poor (monkey?). What was that all about? and sharkey randomly climbing the couch the hard way up….. tooooo funny!


  4. Oh my, I LOVE your little Batmans! They are too cute. I know I say that all the time, but they are!And those starfish ornaments are precious, seriously.


  5. wendy – thanks :) we are only about 25 minutes away from disneyland. we usually get season passes and go a lot. it must be a mckay tradition – andy’s family used to go to disney world in florida like, 4x a year!dmoms – next time you guys are down here, you have to hang with us for awhile, and we can do all that fun stuff together! my boys would have a blast with your cool kids!t – i don’t know what in the world sharkey is doing to that poor monkey. and i don’t want to know.zakary – thanks :) i couldn’t tell if the ornaments were cute or just really hokey :)


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